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Does the card Shield and Sword Resolve for a Monster who has been equiped as a Spell the next turn?


I flip summoned Truckroid (1000/2000) and then played the spell card Shield and Sword, I then attacked with Truckroid to my friend's Atlantean Pikeman (1400/0) I played Shield and Sword so Truckroid is now at 2000/1000 and Atlantean Pikeman is now 0/1400. Truckroid's ability "When this card destroys a monster your opponet controls by battle and sends it the Graveyard, equip it to this card. This card gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of the equipped card(s)." Would I gain 0 attack from Atlantean Pikeman officially? Or would I gain 1400 attack next turn when Shield and Sword resolves?

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    You would gain whatever is printed on the card of the equipped cards. Shield and Sword would only affect monsters. Monsters in the Spell/Trap zone are not considered monsters, so (1), it would have no effect on them, and (2) even if they did, Pikeman would have been to the graveyard and back, which would have reset it [Shield and Sword has no effect on monsters summoned after it].

    You don't have a "next turn" to wait for it either. You gain the 1400 right there and then.

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