Versions of Les Miserables?

I need some help deciding which version of Les Miserables to read. Of course everyone says the original because, well, its the original. But lets face it, it can be dry. I have the complete unabridged version and I sometimes read my favorite parts but never the full book. Last year my English teacher gave me the ONLY version of Les Mis they had in the whole school, which was like the kindergarden version. There was so much missing that I didn't enjoy it. Nothing anything on Les Amis de l'ABC! Can you believe it?

Anyways, I'm looking for a version that is abridged but not to the point where it warps the story. I've only ever had my hands on the two extremes and I would like to find a nice medium. Is there a version like that that exists?

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  • 7 years ago
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    If this is for school work stay with the unabridged version. I would never dream of reading an abridged version of Les Misérables

    The unabridged version is about 5 books.If one is to read a classic like this, it should be in it's entire version and as the author intended it to be read since the side plots and historical harangues do add signifigance to the main story. However if you really want to go for an abridged try this:

    Les Misérables (Abridged and Corrected) (Enriched Classics)

    by Victor Hugo, Charles E. Wilbour (Translator) About 500 pages

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