Need help planning senior trip with friends?

My friends and I are planning a senior trip we live in Germany (military kids) and we are debating which place to go we have narrowed it down to either Tenerife (canary islands) or Ibiza. We want to chose the one with the best night life because we party hard. We are looking for which area of the island would be the best so we can decide which hotel to book. The flights are cheap about 250 round trip to both. And we need a hotel that is located with access to beach (don't think that's a problem) and needs to have easy access to the city for the nightlife. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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    7 years ago
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    To find good deals, keep in mind that: Different sites have different opportunities, so I think it's a good idea to check them all.

    Also search for advance booking, and avoid (if possible) weekends.

    And, if you find a good one, always remember to read the fare rules or terms and conditions....

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