This is the first guy I have been dating in 2 years (2 years ago my ex left me and I was devastated). Okay, we are not actually "dating", he has a girlfriend, but I don't care. I like him, he's the first one after such a long time. I don't easily let people get close to me. We had sex (a LOT of sex) for a month, we did it all the time.

Then I don't know what happened, he started wanting just oral sex. I asked him why and he said "i'm afraid that you might get pregnant". Liar! He does not want me anymore, I don't understand why! The last time we had real sex was FEBRUARY. He just wants oral. Period.

I know his girlfriend doesn't give him head, but shouldn't he be happier to have everything from me? What do I do about it? I mean why would a guy only want oral sex?

I'm a bathing suit model, I am beautiful, everybody says so. Him too. He used to say he loved having sex with me, he couldn't keep his hands off me, he could do ANYTHING with me.

WHY WHY WHY?? Help me :-(

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  • 7 years ago
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    He is using you to get what his girlfriend won't give him. Him not having sex with you anymore shows that he is feeling guilty about it. Soon this relationship will be over. You are the side piece and soon you will be gone. Stop allowing him to use you.

  • Alex
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    7 years ago

    It could be several things or a combination:

    He might just not want to get you pregnant. Contraception would solve this problem, if not then it's not the real issue. He might just prefer oral sex to full sex. Physically it is more stimulating for a guy & we can just kick back & let you girls do the work. Conversely oral sex is less intimate than full sex & it could be that he is having problems becoming intimate with you, either due to no longer having strong emotional feelings for you or no longer finding you a turn on. Familiarity can become boring so try some kinky outfits to spice things up.. You really need to explore these issues with him but do it tactfully without accusing him of anything. He probably doesn't know why he has lost interest in sex & have no intentions of hurting you.

    Source(s): I have experienced this issue from the male perspective.
  • 4 years ago

    If he has it, you will probably get it. Get him tested, don't have unprotected sex. You will know pretty soon afterwards, but depending on which STD, you may not show symptoms or signs right away (some tend to flare up with certain triggers, and some people never show symptoms, they're just carriers). Look for any rashes, discoloration, pain or sensitivity, and get tested often (many STD's like gnorrea (sp), and symphilis are totally treatable if you catch them in the early stages)

  • 7 years ago

    Some people are afraid of commitment and oral sex feels safer

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  • sheila
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    7 years ago

    maybe you are more sex needy than him.when he says he doesn`t want you to get pregnant be thankful.some men would just disappear if you got pregnant.

    oral sex won`t get you pregnant, but can give you genital herpes if he has a cold sore, or cold sore virus.that can make you sterile.think about that one, because you could possibly want children in the future.

  • 7 years ago

    Not to be an *** but it does feels really good and its not everyday that we get that . that's just my opinion but if your that beautiful why worry about him you don't deserve to be 2nd in line. Hope this helps :I

  • 4 years ago

    maybe he just wants that mouth

  • 7 years ago

    your a slut thats why. ******* some guy who has a girlfriend makes you even lower

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