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George Zimmerman: Does a black man have a right to walk down the street?


@the summer, Zimmerman has no right to falsely detain him and limit his freedom of travel. If I did that to you - you'd surely punch me in the face... commonsense.

A real American.

Update 2:

@the summer, well now you are stating "facts" are you? Where you there? no.. therefore what you are stating is an assumption derived on false reasoning. Trayvon Martin had no history of punching people for no reason. It makes no sense he would fight unless Zimmerman tried to kidnap him. Which in Trayvon Martin's eyes would have been logical.

A real American - unlike you scuzball.

Update 3:

@John, I don't know what you served but it wasn't this country or rights of people from this country - you may have been a goon in uniform but that doesn't say much - any scrub can do that and by the way it's a form of welfare - serving is because you have no society skills - and clearly you are an ****. There was no crime that had been committed that warranted Zimmerman following or trying to falsely detain Trayvon. If you going by Zimmerman's story you are a bit of a moron. Your right to self-defense with a firearm doesn't include trying to limit someone's travel while they are walking down the street just because you find them suspicious and try to detain them because it's your opinion they are suspicious. A police officer does not even have that right moron.

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    nt in Florida it seems

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    When did peoples yards next to their windows become the "street" or even the sidewalk?

    When did Zimmerman "detain" him or stop his freedom of travel?

    Why nor if some "creepy azz carcka" is following you instead of hiding in the bushes to jump he guy, make a bee line for home (safety)....commonsense.

    A real American who served his country for many years.

    Ah ha, hit a nerve with serving my country? Why you wanted to enlist and was turned down doe being stupid or were you just too scared because you might get hurt????

    and you are wrong when a person is walking at night in the rain with his head covered under the windows of peoples houses then runs and hides to jump a person and beat their head into the sidewalk they deserve to die. And believe me a cop seeing martin acting the way he was, would have stopped him to question him AND would have every right to do so.

    Funny how in your temper tantrum you did not address that martin was NOT on the street but in peoples yards and you did not address the fat it was martin who hid in the bushes and confronted Zimmerman. NOT the actions of some innocent little boy merrily skipping home with his tea and skittles/

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    It certainly isn't against the law, but neither is following someone you find suspicious in your is a crime however to punch someone on the face and then pound their head into the concrete sidewalk. Get your facts straight.

    Source(s): a guy who lives 15 minutes south of Sanford, Fl.
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    NOT if the black man breaks someone's nose.....inflicts a 3 inch gash on the back of someone's skull......inflicts a back injury + bruises on someone.......inflicts various facial contusions, bruises & cuts on someone like Trayvon did

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    Not around Zimmerman.

    In his book, "Defending our Friend: The Most Hated Man in America", Mark Osterman wrote, "Somehow I broke his grip on the gun when the guy grabbed it between the grip and hammer.", quoting Zimmerman.

    Zimmerman showed the investigators the location of his gun as above his right rear hip pocket, midway between hip and spine, in a holster, under his shirt and jacket.

    Then he said he was lying on his back with 170# Martin straddling on top of him slamming his head into the ground, smothering him, and punching him in the nose. That would have put Trayvon’s knees at George’s armpits (George said that’s where they were), and his weight on George’s hips/belly.

    So how did he manage to lift up his right shoulder, lift up his left hip, lift up his shirt and his jacket and draw the gun if that were true? He was lying on his gun from his description, which would have kept Trayvon from even seeing it, let alone grabbing it. George’s right elbow would have had to extend beyond his back and his hand would have to go behind his butt to draw the gun. If Trayvon had drawn it, his prints would be on it and they weren't. If Martin was on top of Zimmerman, and going for his gun, Martin would have to have been doing it with his left hand. Was Martin left handed? How was Martin able to twist his hand around Zimmerman's back to get a grip on the gun?

    George’s jacket and shirt would both have to pull up for Trayvon to see the gun, or for either to reach it. With George lying on his back in the wet grass, why wasn’t the gun and/or holster found to be wet or grass stained as Zimmerman’s jacket was?

    Zimmerman also said Trayvon's hand was on the gun, but no prints or DNA (less likely) were found from Trayvon.

    Zimmerman's story just doesn't add up.

    Check out this article with photos here:

    If you sock someone in the nose with enough force to break it or badly damage it, you’re going to get some blood and/or DNA on your hands. Martin’s hands tested clean, none of Zimmerman’s DNA on them.

    I think Zimmerman was sitting on top of Martin when he shot him. The gun recoil whacked Zimmerman in the nose and knocked him over backwards and he hit the back of his head on the sidewalk.


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    Ask the Hispanic community since he is one, and we know you are not directing this question to white red necks and racist Nazis.

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    Yea so does Zimmerman so whats your point.

    BOTH of them made bad mistakes that night but if the punk had kept his hands to himself he still would be walking around period.

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    Only if he is an "Oreo Cookie."

    Source(s): Oooooh, I think I injured something. I don't know why I answer questions like this.
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    he better be armed or quick

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