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we can only stand beside her,support her and look forward to a great school year


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    它所講的是一個片語 look forward to 期待~

    look forward to 後面的to為介係詞,不是不定詞喔!!!

    所以look forward to後面若接動詞的話要用Ving的形式。

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    "to" in "look forward to" is NOT always treated as a preposition (介係詞). It can be an infinitive (不定詞). Take a look at this question:

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    [ forward ] 是向前,

    [ look forward to ]是一個片語,意思是[期待、盼望]

    例如:I'm looking forward to the party.

  • 8 years ago

    forward(=adj)= forward-looking from look forward;

    It means advance, encourage, help along , lend a helping hand to, promote stand-and-support her in her school studies !

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