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Should I carry a knife?

I am 14 and going to a movie with my girlfriend, we are going to see a movie in part way between the bad part of town and the main part, i am getting dropped off at 8:30 and the movie ends at 10:00 and we are walking 2 blocks to a bus stop and getting off 1 block from her house and she lives near the bad side of town and i am walking her to her house.

You can bring a knife into the theater.

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    I'm gonna be completely honest with you, never bring a knife anywhere. If you stab someone even for self defense you will be charged, and it's not worth it, even if you are not charged with anything at all the fact that you have killed someone will really bother you in the future. Also it's going to be in your record that you have killed someone.

    My suggestion don't bring one.

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    If you actually get into a knife fight there are three outcomes.

    1: Your opponent dies.

    2: You die.

    3" You both die.

    So two out of three times, you die! There is nothing wrong with carrying a knife but if running is an option, RUN!

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    Bring one just in case haha

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    I carry a fork

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