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Why won't UK return Gibraltar to Spain?

i have visited there. I thought it's just a waste of UK taxes. I think Spain or US, world police should keep the land.

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    Historically, Gibraltar was strategically valuable as a sort of gate guarding access to the Mediterranean - it was also very defensible from the rest of the Spanish mainland. Control of Gibraltar allowed Britain to keep fleets bottled up in the Mediterranean, and control trade between Mediterranean ports and the rest of the world, at the cost of a small garrison.

    The construction of the Suez Canal made it even more vital as a fortress guarding the British Empire's most important sea route, along with Malta and Singapore. It ensured UK merchant vessels and warships could always quickly get to India, Hong Kong, Australia etc by keeping access to the Med, and thus the Suez Canal, in British hands.

    Nowadays of course, these former advantages are no longer a factor in the Gibraltar dispute. The Empire is gone, and Spain & the UK are NATO allies and fellow EU members. Gibraltar is of little strategic or economic value to the UK in this century - the primary reason for keeping it is simply politics.

    The people who live there overwhelmingly consider themselves to be British, and have no desire to become a part of Spain. Any politician who tried to hand over Gibraltar would be committing electoral suicide, as he/she would face a massive backlash from the public who'd consider such an action to be a betrayal of the Gibraltarians.

    It's a bit like the Falklands issue. Politicians would love to hand over both territories as doing so would improve relations with Spain and Argentina - as well as cut defense expenditure - but they can't publicly admit it because then the people wouldn't vote for them. Consequently the territories will not be relinquished anytime soon.

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    mmm 10 O'Clock Live said on series 2 , the only purpose of gibraltar is to annoy spain. It is supposed to be a tactical advantage and as useless to the UK as the Falklands and equally expensive. If given to USA it will a comeback to the years of economical slavery europe and the UK suffered at the hands of the plan marshall Better to give it back to spain is cheaper and keeps gringos away

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    Why won't UK return Gibraltar to Spain?

    Why won't the UK return the Falklands to Argentina?

    Why won't Russia return former East Finland to its rightful owners?

    Why won't Holland return the Dutch Antilles to Venezuela?

    Why won't the USA return California to the Mexicans?

    Why won't Israel oh no let's not even go there...

    Why won't the Albanians return Kosovo to Serbia?

    Why won't Pakistan stop laying claim on Kashmir?

    Why won't Poland return Western Poland to Germany?

    Why won't Turkey return European Turkish territories to Greece?

    Why won't Turkey return East Cyprus to Cyprus?

    Why won't Russia return East Prussia to Germany?

    Why won't the UK return Ulster to Ireland?

    You know, sometimes you just can't get the right answer. Things just happen because they happen. Things are the way they are because that's the way it is. And often it's easier to accept things that to explain things.

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