What are some weaknesses of the Constitution of the United States?

Does anybody know some weaknesses of the Constitution of the United States? I'm talking about the second Constitution of United States btw, not the first one which was the Articles of Confederation. I'm just not exactly sure what weaknesses the Constitution has because it seems to have more strengths than weaknesses.

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    The Founding Fathers intended to create a permanent union, and established a federal judiciary to act as arbitrator between the states, and between a state and the federal government. Considering everything, the system they put together has worked remarkably well. It is still in existence, after all.

    Unfortunately, because the Constitution is so difficult to amend, there is no effective check or balance on the judiciary when it gets it wrong. This problem was made worse after the Civil War, when the vaguely worded 14th amendment was added, which effectively transferred a huge amount of power from the states to the federal judiciary, as it had to "interpret" the amendment. Not only does the federal judiciary interpret it, but it changes its mind. For example, at one time, the federal judiciary thought segregation, the poll tax, the literacy test, the white only primary, and other measures, were all fine.

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    It is constantly being broken and spit on. Only weakness it has is the people who it's supposed to be protecting.

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    I think you hit on a very good question! and I commend you on your knowledge of our history. very few people know anymore about our original governing document, the articles of confederation, nor do they know why it failed and our founders had to replace it. in my view, the greatest weakness of our constitution is simple. it does not specify that our 'rights' are our responsibility to stand up for, to utilize, and to keep the government from moving in on by overstepping the bounds the constitution set for it. bottom line, most people have come to demand and expect security in all things in life, from personal safety to economic guarantees to even emotional stability and protection. it never seems to get through to such people that if the government is there to protect us from everything, then by definition it must control all these things among us!! and in doing that, our freedoms of speech and assembly, of worship, of having weapons to protect ourselves, of not having to submit to illegal search and seizure...all this and more...are subjected to the 'okay' of the government. it is now going to get you in a lot of trouble if you speak out against those who are homosexual or want gay marriage, if you use one of 'those words' which are considered 'racial' and/or demeaning, if you get into some kind of altercation or confrontation which could be deemed...by the authorities...as 'hate crime'. and it goes on and on. I get it. no one wants to deal with any of these things when they are coming at them! and of course, no one should do these things, either! but if we are to be free, then we must control ourselves, both in our reactions to insults and opinions, and in our own ways of expressing ourselves. and you know, what comes in along with all of this is the simple fact that none of is required to like or enjoy or tolerate or otherwise deal with anything we don't want to! our freedom to assemble, for example, does not require us to assemble with anyone we don't care to. that means, simply, that if you are uncomfortable with certain people or ideas...or if you really dislike or hate them, for that matter...that no one can require you to be there. by no one, I mean the government. your employer can certainly require you to work alongside someone you don't like, but not the government. I hope this gets you to thinking here. there is nothing wrong with anyone who hates country music or loves hip-hop, though i'm pretty much the opposite of that...lol. and there is nothing wrong with someone else thinking i'm ugly or even saying so! these are small things in life. but by the same measure, there is nothing wrong with people disagreeing with my very conservative stand in politics. I think they are wrong in doing so, but the people themselves are still people and they have every right to disagree with me! get it? I wish many millions more of our people would!!

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    It was in support of slavery.

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