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steps to add contact to a list?

how to add contacts to list

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    When you receive a message there will be a plus (+) sign following the email address that is not in your CONTACT list that you have to click on to add it to your contact list. If you do not see any address you will have to click on SHOW DETAILS, which is accomplished by clicking on the ARROW on the left side of the subject matter at the top of your text area.


    Additional ways to add an email address to your Contact list.

    On a sent email...once it has been sent....go to your SENT folder and open the message up...Click on the "+" following the email address to add it.

    When the email is opened you can click on ACTIONS and click on ADD SENDER TO CONTACTS.

    You can do it by yourself by clicking on CONTACTS near the top of your email page and you will see where you can place a new email address and click on ADD...

    When the email is open you can click on the email address instead of the + sign.


    Should you want to add them to one of your present categories click on CONTACTS a check mark in the box to the left of the contact name (after you have added it as directed above)...go above and click on ASSIGN TO LISTS...once the list is brought up click on box to the left of the category you want to add it to (you can add this email address to more than one at this time) click on DONE.

    If you want to create a NEW category....when you are looking at the list of present categories above scroll down to the bottom of the list for a blank box where you can type in the name of the new category you want...again click on DONE.

    In either of the two previous scenarios when you click on DONE this contact will be in what ever categories you chose. Now...when you compose, reply or forward an email all you have to do is to type the first letter of the category in the box of your choice (TO, CC or BCC) and that category option will on it to place it in the box..

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