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Is it True that the United States has now surpased Mexico in Corruption?

With all of the most recent Scandals, plus the corruption in The "Belt loop" including the Gang of Lobbyist relative to the population in both Mexico and the USA Coruption in the USA has far exceeded corruption in Mexico

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  • 7 years ago
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    As ever more tightly family oriented cultures flood in, and suck so much as they can into their families, that could happen. We had cutthroat southern and eastern European cultures flood in a century ago to join my clannish Irish relatives in forming gangs, political machines, and other collectives to scavenge what they could wherever they could.

    Now we have some of the worst cutthroat cultures in the world coming in from western and southern Asia. We are not more "corrupt" than Mexico yet but the new cultures are worse than Hispanics. We could be in a generation or two.

    Source(s): For decades I studied philosophies, cultures, and social institutions. I began that because of confusion resulting from my military experience under the shadow of neo-Marxist anti-military and anti-capitalism indoctrination in the universities. I continue a forty year quest wading through the huge pile of stinking crap a wide variety of bigots dumped on top of truth hiding it from nearly everyone's view. The pile was made by blaming people or practices they don't like while excusing people or practices they do like regardless of where the fault really lies.
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