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How to get 360 waves?

I just started getting 360 waves and i got 1/5 WTG and it actually came out good and my hair was soft and now i'm stuck on getting 360 waves, will you please help me on how to get em

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    The best way to start getting 360 waves is to start with a low cut like a 1.5.

    Then you can train your hair to form waves.

    The most important thing is to brush your hair the right way.

    There's a photo in this guide and other tips too: http://www.wavebuilder.com/guide.html

    1) brush the top forward

    2) brush the back down

    3) brush the sides diagonally down toward your cheeks.

    Get yourself a good brush (the coarser your hair, the harder the brush you need) and some moisturizing products like Brush in Waves and start brushing! You'll need to wolf your hair too. Wolfing is growing out your hair past when you'd get it cut. that's a part of getting waves. it makes them deeper. when wolfing, you'll want a pomade like deep wave to lay your hair down.

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