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is there any one to help me regarding automotive electric fans?

here is image of ckt diagram (

. why we use current mirror and whats its function.

i just make it on protoboard by giving 9 volt from cell to all +ive oints and -ive to all gnd ponts . is there any difference by using these +ive and -ive volts.rather 12 volt from ignition and chasis grnd.?

* secondly i have no TS6178 so i just use variable resister ????? when i shot emitter of Q1 motor stops but when i open it moter is TS6178 PTC or NTC:( kindly help me out this projrct problems?


here is link ,kindly follow this i need urgent help in this project. thanks to replyers and yahoo answer

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  • 7 years ago
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    1 your link doesn't work. 2 a current mirror is used as a reference to a stable voltage. The 12V supply in a car is not stable . It varies from ~10.5V on starting to as high as 16V.

    A stable ref less than 9 volts is used because it is independent of Batt.

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  • 7 years ago

    Your link doesn't work.

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