Are there any videos of the original cast of 1776 performing on Broadway?

I've seen the movie, and I'd like to watch scenes from the original performances live with the original cast. (William Daniels, Howard De Silva, etc.) Does anyone have links to videos of them, any of the scenes will work, but I'd like to see as much of the play as possible.

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  • 7 years ago
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    There is a video of the 1969 Tony Awards in which Scott Jarvis, William Duell and B.J. Slater perform Mama Look Sharp.

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    My guess is that they originally wanted a scene with William Daniels, but he was furious at the Tony Board of Directors. Because his name wasn't above the title, Daniels was ruled ineligible for the Lead Actor award, and he refused to be submitted for the Featured Actor category.

    I'm not aware of any film or video footage from the original production. In addition, even if there were, it's unlikely Howard Da Silva would be featured. Shortly after opening night, he became ill (suffering a mild heart attack) and was replaced by Rex Everett (who is on the soundtrack album). Clifford Davis, who was the original Rutledge, was replaced by David Cryer, who was replaced by John Cullum, who was the producers first choice for the role - he did such a good job that he was cast in the movie.

  • 4 years ago

    No, it relatively is not off broadway. they have prolonged to Sept 1st and then they're remaining. the finished unique forged will prolly in no way celebration returned yet Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are happening the excursion quickly.

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