What would you name children with names from A-Z?

For each letter give a boy name and a girl name.

If the letter was T - Tess & Trevor

Love to hear the names that are your favourite for each letter! And any nicknames or middle names added are lovely as well:)

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    Ajla Rose and Avery James

    Bailee Grace and Benson Reed

    Charlotte Rose and Cooper James

    Daisey Grace and David Jude

    Emily Rose and Eli Jackson

    Faith Natalia and Freud Nolan

    Gracelynn Taelyn and Grayson Paul

    Hollie Olivia and Hanson George

    Isabella Mae (Ella) and Isaac Samuel

    Julianna Rose (Julia-Rose) and Joseph Walter (Joey)

    Katharine Margaret (Katie-Mag) and Kolin Michael

    LillyAnna Suzanne (Lilly) and Lukah Tiago

    Margaret Rose (Maggie) and Mason Ralph

    Natalia Rose and Nolan Nigel

    Olivia Rose and Olliver Lukah (Ollie)

    Paige Elaine and Parker Karlo (PK)

    Quinnabella Grace (Quinnie bell) and Quincey Frederick

    Rosie Savanna and Rowen Olliver

    Savanna Sophia and Simon Benji

    Taelyn Rose and Tyler Benson

    Ulivia Rose and Uganda Olliver (Ugo)

    Violet Rose and Vinny Patrick

    Willow Grace and Wyatt Jameson

    Xilo (eye-lo) Savanna and Xavier Parker

    Yasminea Daisey and Yalter James

    Zuri Rose and Zolan Gray

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    7 years ago

    A: Andrew and Arabella

    B: Branson and Bentley

    C: Connor and Colleen

    D: David and Deidre

    E: Emmett and Ella

    F: Finlay and Faith

    G: Gabriel and Gemma

    H: Holden and Hadley

    I: Isaac and Ivory

    J: Jared and Jonika

    K: Keigan and Katie

    L: Laiken and Libby

    M: Mason and Mayra

    N: Nathan and Nora

    O: Oliver and Olivia

    P: Pierse and Payton

    Q: Quincy and Quinn

    R: Robert and Rayleen

    S: Samuel and Sage

    T: Tori and Taya

    U: Uriah and Ula

    V: Victor and Vienna

    W: Waylon and Winnie

    X: Xander and Xharia

    Y: Yancy and Yarina

    Z: Zechariah and Zady

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    7 years ago

    A: Ashlynn and Aaron

    B: Bella and Brendon

    C: Carmyn and Cayden

    D: Destiny and Devin

    E: Evelyn and Eli

    F: Faye and Freddie

    G: Gianna and Greg

    H: Hayden and Harley

    I: Isabelle and Ian

    J: Julianna and Joseph

    K: Kayli and Kamren

    L: Leighton and Liam

    M: Miley and Matthew

    N: Noelle and Nicholas

    O: Olivia and Owen

    P: Pennie and Patrick

    Q: Quinn and Quentin

    R: Rachel and Randy

    S: Stefanie and Sheamus

    T: Teagan and Trenton

    U: Ustelle and Ulton

    V: Violet and Vince

    W: Whitney and Winston

    X: Xia and Xare

    Y: Yasmine and Yeda

    Z: Zianna and Zachary

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    Well I have quite a few favourite names for a few different letters & I dont think I can choose between them so, I will give all my favourites:

    A- Amihan (uh-MEE-han), Annabel, Audrey, Ava, Astrid, Adrienne, Alessia, Annemarie, Ainsley, Athena

    B- Blair, Bailey, Bridget, Brenna & Brynn

    C- Cecilia, Claire, Charlotte & Calla

    D- Danika & Daniela

    E- Ella & Emmeline (eh-muh-leen)

    F- Francesca

    G- Giana

    H- Harriet

    I- Isabella & Isla

    J- Jasmine

    K- Kandace, Kate, Kennedy & Karryn (car-in)

    L- Lola, Lucy, Lily, Lauren, Leslie & Lorelei

    M- Mia, Maria & Merrin (mare-in)

    N- Natalie

    O- None

    P- Perri

    Q- Quinn

    R- Racquel & Rhiannon

    S- Sophia/e, Seraphina

    T- Tatum

    U- None

    V- Valentina & Vienna

    W- Wendi

    X- None

    Y- Yasmina

    Z- Zoey

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    7 years ago

    Alice and Alden

    Bridget and Bryce

    Cecelia and Christian

    Dianne and Daniel

    Eleanor and Elijah

    Freya and Fabian

    Gwendolyn and Garfield 'Gar'

    Hazel and Harold

    Istra and Ian

    Juliet and James

    Katherine and Kevin

    Lucy and Leo

    Marigold 'Mari' and Mark

    Nola and Nathaniel

    Opal and Owen

    Priscilla 'Cilla' and Peter

    Quinn and Quentin

    Rowena and Ryan

    Susan and Spencer

    Torin and Trenton

    Uma and Uriah

    Vivienne and Victor

    Wren and William

    Xena and Xander

    Yanely and Yestin

    Zalia and Zane

  • 7 years ago

    A - Archie and Anna

    B - Bernard and Betty

    C - Cary and Clara

    D - Derrick and Diana

    E - Earl and Elizabeth

    F - Frank and Fiona

    G - George and Georgia

    H - Harrison and Hilda

    I - Ivan and Ida

    J - Jack and Jana

    K - Kevin and Karen

    L - Lee and Linda

    M - Matthew and Margaret

    N - Nathan and Nadine

    O - Owen and Olivia

    P - Paul and Paula

    Q - Quincy and Queena

    R - Richard and Ramona

    S - Samuel and Sue

    T - Timothy and Tina

    U - Ulysses and Una

    V - Vernon and Vera

    W - Walter and Winifred

    X - Xander and Xena

    Y - Yannis and Yvonne

    Z - Zachary and Zara

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    7 years ago

    A - Allison and Austin

    B - Bevin ( its Irish and means sweet singing woman ) and Benjamin

    C - Carys and Christopher

    D - Della and Daniel

    E - Eloise and Emmet

    F - Felicia and Finn

    G - Gretta and Graham

    H - Hailey and Holden

    I - Isla and Ian

    J - Juliette and Jason

    K - Kayla and Koen

    L - Lila and Lucas

    M - Melinda and Matthew

    N - Natalia and Noah

    O - Olivia and Owen

    P - Peyton and Parker

    Q - Quinn and Quincy ? I guess lol that one was hard.

    R - Reina and Roman

    S - Sawyer and Sebastien

    T - Taylor and Torrance

    U - Uriela and Ulysses

    V - Veanna and Vance

    W - Wren and Wesley

    X - Xylia and Xenon

    Y - Yvette and Yves

    Z - Zoey and Zeppelin

  • 7 years ago

    A - Andrew & Alyssa

    B - Brody & Belle

    C - Carson & Charlotte

    D - Declan & Dalia

    E - Ethan & Elisabeth

    F - Finn & Faith

    G - Griffin & Genevieve

    H - Hayden & Haley

    I - Isaiah & Isabelle

    J - Julian & Julianna

    K - Kaden & Katalina

    L - Landon & Leah

    M - Mason & Mia

    N - Nathan & Natalia

    O - Oliver & Olivia

    P - Peter & Penelope

    Q - Quentin & Quinn

    R - River & Riley

    S - Sean & Seraphina

    T - Tobias & Talia

    U - Uriah & Unity

    V - Victor & Violette

    W - Wesley & Whitney

    X - Xavier & Xiomara

    Y - Yale & Yasmine

    Z - Zachary & Zoe

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    7 years ago

    My sister and I used to do this!

    Girl on left, boy on right

    Audrey, Aspen

    Blair, Benjamin

    Cadence, Christian

    Delilah, Damian

    Ellis, Easton

    Falicia, Forrest

    Gemma, Gianni

    Hailee, Hadrian

    Iria, Ian

    Jolie, Jeremy

    Kailani, Keegan

    Lailia, Landon

    Marilyn, Merrick

    Nikolina, Neil

    Odette, Olivier

    Perri, Philip

    Qiuyin, Quentin

    Remei, Ryder

    Sevda, Sean

    Tegan, Tiernan

    Una, Upton

    Vienna, Viktor

    Wei (it means strength; It's a Chinese name) Wesley

    Xenia, Xander

    Yasamin, Yale

    Zahia (it means brilliant in Arabic) and Zane.

    I can't even think of middle names. I'll just let that be my husband's input.

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    7 years ago

    A: Austin James and Avery Kate

    B: Benjamin David (Ben) and Brooklyn Marie

    C: Caleb Max and Charlotte Olivia (Charley)

    D: Daniel Lucas and Danielle Morgan

    E: Ethan Paul and Eden Grace

    F: Finn Michael and Faith Alexandra

    G: Gabriel Ryan (Gabe) and Gabrielle Lynn (Gabby)

    H: Hunter Reese and Hannah Beth

    I: Isaac Levi and Ivy Jane

    J: Jack Harrison and Julia Mary

    K: Kyle Liam and Kathryn Louise

    L: Logan Anthony and Lydia Ruth

    M: Matthew Jordan (Matt) and Mia Rose

    N: Nicholas Lee (Nick) and Natalie Paige

    O: Owen Vincent and Olivia Mae

    P: Parker William and Paige Alexandra

    Q: Quinn Michael and Quinn Elise

    R: Ryan James and Ruby Noelle

    S: Sawyer William and Savannah Leigh

    T: Thomas Stephen and Tara Elise

    U: No favorite names

    V: Vincent Daniel (Vince) and Victoria Marie (Tori)

    W: William Alexander (Will) and Willow Elaine

    X: Xander Levi and Xaria Rose (Zar-ree-uh)

    Y: no favorite names

    Z: Zachary James (Zach) and Zienna Grace (Zee-ann-uh)

  • 7 years ago

    Avalea, Amelia (Millie), Altayah

    Austen, Archie

    Bethany (Beth)

    Brayden, Billy, Blair


    Cage, Charlie, Cole


    Drew, Deegan, Declan

    Elizabeth (Beth)

    Ezekiel (Zeke), Edward (Eddie)



    Gwendolyn (Gwen)

    Gabriel (Gabe)


    Harrison (Harry)




    Julian (Jules), Jasper


    Kade, Kale, Keegan

    Lilliana (Lil), Lexie


    Millie, Molly, Maliah







    P... Dont like any




    Rylan, Ryder



    Tillie, Tayte


    U... Dont like any


    Victoria (Tori)



    Wesley (Wes), Wally, Wyatt


    X... Dont like any

    Y... Dont like any


    Zarlia, Zoey


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