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What did Diane Krueger mean ?

Celebrity Diane Krueger said she "punished many boys" in passed relationships because if a lack of a father figure and that she dates or of older men. What did she mean when she said she punished those boys because of a lack of father figure??

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    Diane Kruger may be keeping quiet about getting engaged to longtime boyfriend Joshua Jackson, but she had plenty to say about past loves in a recent interview with Marie Claire UK. While the full article is in the August 2013 issue, a few highlights are fascinating alone.

    It sounds like Kruger has had a tough love life before getting together with Jackson.

    During the interview, Kruger opens up about her respect for therapy and all of the good it has done her. "Therapy's not about getting help; it's facilitating yourself to deal better with life in general," Kruger explains.

    Thanks to the therapy, the actress has been able to get past her past and have a comfortable relationship. "I'm sure I punished many boys for my lack of a father figure. And I'm sure I dated many men who were much older than the men I should have been dating," Kruger says of her pre-Jackson past. »

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