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What did vice ganda say about Jessica soho what the joke?

I heard he said something mean plz translate into English what he said? Plz!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    he was making a joke about public personalities as porn stars. he said that is jessica soho was to star in a porn flick the title would be (this would be funny if you are a tagalog speaker since this is how those x-rated films are named here) "tinimbang ka, ngunit kinulang"-- "you were weighed but you're not enough (sort of. "kulang" means "not enough")"

    then he went on saying that if jessica soho was to star in a porn flick, it would be a gang rape since jessica soho is a fat woman and that one man isnt enough to do the job

    then he also said that the men would exclaim "ilabas ang lechon!!"--"bring out the lechon!".. referring again to her being fat and resembling a pig.

    i really like jessica soho, but i really find these jokes that vice ganda made really really funny. all in all, personally, i think the public overreacted to vice ganda and made it something that it isnt.. like they connected it to him insulting gang rape victims.. i find whoever came up with that accusation dumb as fcuk.

  • 8 years ago

    He said that if Jessica Soho were to be raped, it will take many men to do it (because she is big and fat) thus a gang rape. It was a tasteless joke.

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