Peruse an image gallery searching for images containing specified colors?

I would like to ask for help regarding image searching solutions. I'm looking for a way to search through a whole image gallery in order to find images which contain the color(s) specified. In my case in particular I have a gallery of a total of 15 388 images on my local hard drive, where I know one of them is completely white. Not only is perusing through so many images time-consuming, but also, even more than that, tedious, and that is why I would like to find an automated way of finding the specific image I'm looking for (besides, it would be useful not just this one time, but anytime in the future).

For those who know about a piece of software known as Python, I read about a library for it called Python Image Library (PIL), where it was said that it could determine the most prevalent color in an image. Unfortunately, not only am I unsure whether the particular module responsible for this identification gets loaded up or not (the Python interpreter displays no prompt about success or failure in loading it up, and I can't find a step-by-step tutorial on using this library), but, what's even more important here, it seems that this library can allegedly process/analyze only a single file loaded up, and not a whole gallery of images, one-by-one.

So if anyone knows about a piece of software, library, script, or anything else that could process a gallery located on a local drive the way I would like it to be processed, I would be grateful for giving me a hint


Hi, Russell. As for the operations performed on files found, the most desirable ones would be those under no. 2 (although if I were given the names of the files matching the search criteria, I could handle them the way I would like them to be handled myself). And as for the search criteria in this particular case, the most desirable ones would be those under no. 1. I don't know whether or not it matches the HTML naming of colors, but I know that according to the hexadecimal color representation, the white color is represented as #FFFFFF. If I could search for colors in images by these codes, it would be very handy

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  • Russel
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    8 years ago
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    From what I could understand I drew up my own little spec for what I think you're looking for.

    program spec

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Finds all images in a certain root folder which match a criteria:

        1. saves the file names to a text file.

        2. or performs some action on the files.

            - copies to another folder.

            - moves to another folder.

            - deletes files.

    Match criteria forms:

        1. Match by prevalent color specified as an html color code.

            - Optional parameter for distance of prevalent color from the given color. (defaults to exact)

        2. Match by composition.

            - Required parameter

              (red_percent, green_percent, blue_percent)


              (red / green / blue) triple ratio.

            - Optional parameter

              Distance from target criteria. (defaults to exact)

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