What are some SciFi books with Super B-A heroes (or villains)?

I'm looking for a high-tech, spacy, adventure with awesome, strong willed characters that aren't a bummer to root for. I don't care if the universe is saved or everyone is dead in the end. I just want to have some fun along the way.

I've been trying some books to read and have had a lot of trouble getting interested. I like star wars stuff: starships, magic and shiny/glowy things. After starting to read Thrawn, though, I got so annoyed at Luke's whiny presence that I've been editing out anything but the stuff with the imperials. This cuts the book down significantly and is starting to suck... (I wish there was an edited version of the movies...)

I liked some of the dune stuff, particularly the Tleilaxu and the Ix.

Now I'm looking for something with heroes (or villains) that are just BAD-A5S. Something reminiscent of animes towards the end, when they get ridiculous power-ups and the only reason anyone is alive is because they deem it to be so. This doesn't have to be in shear physical prowess, intellect is nice too.

P.S. The idea of just wanting to watch the world burn may be intriguing as well. Something like the Joker from the Dark Knight (so awesome), but in a more high-tech/spacy arena.


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    7 years ago
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    The Stainless Steel Rat- Harry Harrison

    Schismatrix- Bruce Sterling.

    The Star Fraction Ken Mcleod

  • 7 years ago

    The Paladin Prophecy is pretty good. The main character has superpowers and pretty much makes a joke of the bad guys.

  • 3 years ago

    I say screw ask your self, my sought after hero is billy batson/captain ask your self/shazam and my sought after villian is the joker. i admire shazam reason he's a widespread youngster yet will become the main effectual mortal interior the universe and that i admire the joker simply by fact he's the main threatening non-great powered villian interior the background of comics. needless to say i'm a DC fan.

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