Random severe blood glucose crash...possible reasons?

Hi. First off...I appologize if this gets long, but wanna make sure to explain issue clearly.

I am a 36 yr female, skinny normal weight, no kids or pregnancy, exercise regularly. 2 yrs ago during regular physical...bloodwork showed fasting BG 101mg/Dl...also thyroid checked due to fatigue issues and 10 pound sudden weight gain with no change in lifestyle/diet...came back normal.

About a year now, I've been feeling like something is just not right. Occassionally get dizzy spells (mild) and slightly nauseous...in which eating immediately relieves. Recently my co-worker (who is diabetic) asked if it could be my blood sugar. So I got a meter to check and monitor it.

In the last 2 months I've suddenly lost 10 pounds...again, no change in diet/lifestyle. (kinda like the gain 2 yrs ago). 3 weeks ago, I started testing blood sugars. Results: 1st in the morning (before eating or drinking..so an 8-12hr fasting time) are consistantly have readings 114-119mg/dl. Then I test before eating dominate meal later that day, and then 2 hour post eating that meal. Before meal readings vary anywhere from 108-130gm/dl. Post meals vary anywhere from 115-181mg/dl. Usually after eating are rises (as should be expected), but on 2 occassion were drops. Didn't seem to make a difference if meal was high or low carbs.

I do not drink alcohol and only drugs are the occassional ibuprofen for lower back pain. My only real bad habit is I'm an avid Mt. Dew drinker.

Anyway, today started out normal...morning fasting was 112. I went to work 3 hours later like normal. At work I was feeling very tired and just dragging. I didn't think much of it since this isn't that uncommon and just chalked it up to lack of motivation (i mean hey, its work and I'd rather be doing something else of course). Today was a holiday and work was pretty easy going. After about 2 hours at work I started getting a dizzy spell. But this one was different...it suddenly got alot worse FAST and not letting up like normal. I also started getting nauseous. At this point I had about 2 Mt. Dews since waking (which is normal) drank casually over that time period (not all at once). My coworker suggested checking my blood sugar...which turned out to be 131mg/dl. The dizziness and nausea continued to intensify..I thought I was going to pass out and puke. I also started sweating, shaking and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. 10 minutes passed and I checked blood glucose again...then it was 98mg/dl !!! My blood glucose was crashing!!! I immediately went to the vending machine...which was limited in selection...mostly chips, not much candy. There was a NutterButter (chocolate and peanut butter), so I got that. I ate both sticks. About a 1/2 later I felt MUCH better. I check the blood glucose and hour after eating them...it was 179mg/dl. Although that is high, I wasn't too concerned as I had just eaten the candy an hour prior and had to fix the crash fast.

Now...I hadn't done anything different than any other day....no withholding sugar intake different than other days, no major exercise, no stress, no illness, no medications. So I have no idea why I suddenly crashed. Note, it's possible it was higher than the 131 I saw before the crash was found...as I didn't test till I was feeling sick (so it may have already been on the crash down).

I'm pretty confinedent in the accuracy to the readings as the meter I got is rated 98% accurate +/- 3mg/dl below 250mg/dl. Also, obviously I was getting sick feelingwise...so something was happening.

So...any opinions??? I do plan to go to the doctor of course. If anyone is thinking this is diabetes...any suggestions on how to approach my doctor with it...as docs generally dislike believing patients telling them the likely diagnosis.

Also, as a side note: My mother (who passed away 10 years ago) was Type 1 Diabetic since she was 5 yrs old, my cousin is Type 1 diabetic since she was 4yr, and my grandma was Type 2 Diabetic (and NOT overweight) 2 years before she passed. So obviously family history is there for diabetes.

Thank you for your opinions and taking the time to read this!!!


I know the levels don't really seem out of range except for a few a tad over. However, do note I don't test every second of the day...so it could be higher or lower at times I haven't checked. I've never seen it below 98 when testing, and fasting like I mentioned are 100-teens. The dizzy/nauseous spell were never as intense as today and today is the first time I tested DURING a spell. Honestly I feel the reason I got so sick was the FAST drop, not necessarily the values themself in reference to range. This was the confusing part since I didn't take or do anything to cause it to happen so fast. I also don't know how far it planned to drop since I stopped it with eating the NutterButter. This is why this is confusing....levels are only sometimes a tad over normal range that I know of. (except morning is consistanly slightly up).. It seems like I obviously still make/utilize insulin, but it doesn't seem to be in control (sometimes makes lots, sometimes just eno

Update 2:

...sometimes just enough, sometimes not enough) without any regard to diet or activity. Very confusing and SO NOT a cool feeling.

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    I disagree with the advice offered by Vivianne. Some of the blood sugar (glucose) levels that you indicate put you in the realms of pre-diabetes.

    The 'normal' fasting (after not eating overnight) blood sugar (glucose) level for a non-diabetic would be in the range 70 to 99 mg/dL (3.9 to 5.5 mmol/l for people who use the International Standard for blood glucose measurement).

    Two hours post prandial (after eating) a non-diabetic's blood glucose level would not normally rise above 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/l). I say normally as there are occasions when it could go higher, such as if the person being tested had an underlying infection at the time of testing; the person being tested was undergoing a period of extreme stress at the time of testing; or the person being tested was taking certain types of medication which are known to cause a rise in blood glucose levels. (These medications often include steroids, such as the types prescribed for the treatment of asthma, or for treating certain specific types of infection.)

    Your blood glucose reading of 98 mg/dL is well inside the 'normal' range and although you noticed a drop in your blood glucose levels, this is nowhere near a "crash". It MAY well be that your blood glucose levels are running higher than the 'normal' range so your body has become acclimated to those levels. As soon as it notices that your blood glucose level is falling, you're getting a pseudo-hypoglycemic effect.

    I'm sure you can understand why doctors pay little regard to when someone is trying to tell them what is wrong with them. After all, they've done years of training to get to where they are, and to be legally entitled to diagnose medical conditions. They also know that there are many misconceptions/beliefs about what constitute signs and symptoms of specific illnesses, plus not everyone knows how to correctly test for, and interpret, results. For instance, did you ensure that you washed and dried your hands before testing? I'm not saying that you didn't test correctly, but there are many contaminants, such as food, drink, perfumes/scents, creams, cleaning products, etc. which can all affect the results obtained. There's also the problem of different conditions having similar, or the same, symptoms, making correct diagnosis even more difficult. For instance, frequent urination COULD indicate diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus, UTI (urinary tract infection), etc. It's further testing which allows a doctor to add the results together to get a correct diagnosis.

    I'd advise that you tell the doctor the blood glucose results that you've been getting ... ensuring him/her that you have been carrying out the tests correctly ... and tell him/her the symptoms that you've been experiencing with feeling dizzy/nauseous. If s/he doesn't mention blood tests, ask him/her whether an OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) might be worth doing. (You'd need to fast overnight before having this test done and have blood drawn from a vein, usually from inside your elbow. You'd then be requested to drink a sickly sweet substance, called glucola, and have blood drawn at hourly intervals. A comparison of these blood test results would enable the doctor to see how efficiently your pancreas can deal with a sudden influx of glucose. (We normally get glucose from the breakdown of carbohydrates during the digestive process.))

    Your doctor MAY also suggest a HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin) test. This offers an 'average' of what your blood glucose levels have been like over the previous three months, and s/he MAY carry out a fingerprick test right then and there to see if your blood glucose level is any higher than the 'normal' range when you go to see him/her.

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    Random severe blood glucose crash...possible reasons?

    Hi. First off...I appologize if this gets long, but wanna make sure to explain issue clearly.

    I am a 36 yr female, skinny normal weight, no kids or pregnancy, exercise regularly. 2 yrs ago during regular physical...bloodwork showed fasting BG 101mg/Dl...also thyroid checked due to fatigue issues...

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    Glucose Crash

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