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Scope in instrumentation & control in India.?

I've got admission in the same branch, what is the scope for research & development in India for that? And also as an option of a better job placement?

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    compare Electronics ( ECE) and Mech or civil, Instrumentation options are limited. but same time it is most important requirement for the process industry. you will have option to join C&I manufacturers like ABB, Siemens, Emerson, YBL, etc. all are giants in the market. All process industries and Power plants will have C&I departments and recruits, prefers C&I engineers. some people prefer Electrical and C&I common experts. Govt side chances are less in this field. Only NTPC, BHEL recruits people from C&I branch, however you will have option of private sector where lot of MNCs are present as described above.

    Source(s): I am an instrumentation engineer worked in ABB for 20 years now working in a MNC.
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    Instrumentation is most valuable group. But not for all, it's vacancy are limited. ABB, L&T, TNPL, all power plants. Pricol

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