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Help about getting braces?

So I need braces (I mean NEED THEM) and I don't know what to do. I feel unconfident with my teeth they constantly hurt. We cant afford braces though. My insurance doesnt cover it. And I dont even have a dentist. It just sucks! Everytime i ask my parents its the same answer 'We dont have the money' is there ANYTHING i can do?

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    Insurance should cover the first set of braces. Ask your parents to look into getting new, but of equal cost, insurance. I'm sure that you can find a plan that covers braces. My parents insurance covered the first set of braces. You could take out a loan or set up a payment plan to pay off the braces. What are they going to do, reposes your teeth? And dentists don't do braces, you need an orthodontist. You should probably get a dentist too. What happens when you need your wisdom teeth removed? That cost my parents 2,000 dollars. They need to put some serious thought into getting better insurance for your family. Isn't there a healthcare program for low income families? Maybe you could get a summer job and save up to help pay. If you really want it, you will find a way.

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    Tell your parents that they have terrible insurance and they should get a new insurance company so they can cover the cost of your braces. In the mean time take some pain relief medicine to stop the ache in your teeth. You could also sew that insurance company so you could get money for new insurance and braces! It works out perfectly. You could also get a loan from the bank to get your braces and you can pay it off here and there.

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    Try getting carecredit. (google care credit). It's like a credit card except it can only be used for the dentist, orthodontist, doctor, vet, etc. It has 0% interest for up to 48 months. You just put your total household income (of everybody in the house) and it'll approve you automatically. Just check that your orthodontist takes it. A lot of orthodontists also do financing, with 0% interest and will work with you on your payments.

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    There is a program called "Smiles Changes Lives." I'm not sure of the particulars of the program. I know there is a waiting list and they only except cases that really "need braces."

    You could also apply for Medicaid. Medicaid no longer pays for braces starting next year. If you're going to get one it, i'd do it soon.

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