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which programming language is best for development desktop based application either java,c/c++,net,python?Why?

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    There is no "best", it all depends on what your need are like speed, functionally, and much more.

    C++ is the most powerful (with DirectX support, multiple open libraries, and lots of documentation) but does much longer to learn with features like pointers, memory management, and much more.

    Java is much easier to learn but does not have as much power as C++.

    I would suggest against Python. It feels like an old outdated language to me and more towards web development.

    • The scripts are run by python, saving the developers some time coding in C.

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    There's no such thing as best programming language for best platform/device. If you know how to use them well, you can get anything done but if you are trying to write more efficient application in terms of resources and cross platform, I'd suggest Java, C/C++. The other programming languages that you mentioned are mostly built using these 3 languages. But me, I like C better since it's so fun to learn and yet one of the most powerful.

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