Look how Israel Respect Americans?

Look who Israel Respect Americans?

look at this video and you will see what Israel police did to JEWISH American guy that just said Palestinian have right to return to their land this is the democracy of Israel toward JEWISH and western not only Muslims , and why because he was different



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@plato : police do their job for security ???? hahha the guy didn't try to bomb himself or even he didn't insult Israel why arrest him ?? where is the Freedom of Speech ??? answer PLATO I dare you

Update 2:

@Feivel : Really what trouble ??? he said his opinion he didn't even throw rocks on them where is the freedom ???? i can see how Israel respect Americans ??? you want to say youtube is Fake but why you tube videos show Muslims bad is true ???? answer i dare you

Update 3:

@Jade G : I'm an Arab and yes he is braver than a lot of us

Update 4:

@plato : looool and you are not fair woman , Read its Jews news do you think i will believe that there is muslims Israeli police man haha LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL what a source to get news XD

Update 5:

oh and its just a picture prove nothing Go home Plato you are drunk ^_^

Update 6:

@♪♫RIP Gj♥ Sha'mone☮ : haha who's care this is proof they don't respect the freedom of speech , oh and btw who told you he would be-headed ?? 2 years ago a western woman in our Arabic Islamic country said about my mum Terrorist ( because she wear hijab * not that one which cover face* ) we ignored her she think we don't understand English even she was wrong because she was in Islamic country and she should show some respect , I'm not here to argue the users because they disagree with me I'm here because i don't want everyone become Islam hater like you ^_^

Update 7:

and who don't agree with your democracy you send 100000 KG bomb on his house by the name of Terrorism right ??? the guy in video is free to say what he want as long as he don't insult anyone

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  • Feivel
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    8 years ago
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    Israel respects Americans but Americans cannot go to Israel and try to stir up trouble.

    Don't get your education from You Tube!


    The trouble in supporting the terrorists who kill Israeli citizens. Tell me, if a person puts on a kippah and goes to the middle of Damascus and starts saying how Syria needs to respect the Jews and Israel, you don't think he would get a reaction? This is just another case of Jews being held to a higher standard. The Jewish American guy caused his own problems. You have to know when to say something and when to be silent. He went for attention and he got it. Most Americans are not like that. You took one video and decided all Americans are treated poorly in Israel. You have obviously never been to Israel.

    I never said You Tube videos that show muslims being bad are true either. Many are also fake.

    However, may question stands. Could a muslim put on a taqiyah, wrap themselves in an Israeli flag and talk about how Israel is great and the arab world should just let Israel keep the land because it got it in a war the arab countries started etc etc and NOT face any police action if they were saying these things in Syria, Afghanistan, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc? Answer. I dare YOU

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    I see you are just here to argue with the users, just because you disagree with their answers.

    This video is nothing new. I've seen it in the Israel section of y/answers several times, in the past..from trolls who have nothing better to do, than try to harass Israelis. Who cares if this guy is American? I'm an American, I love my country, but this guy was WRONG. PERIOD. If he had protested IN and against an Islam country, he would have been be-headed. Muslims don't speak out on that though do they?.. Also..this man does not speak for all American citizens (like he claims)...Not by a long shot!

  • Plato
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    8 years ago

    Nothing wrong with that, the police were doing their job, he knew there is high security in Israel and was lucky it was not France where he would have had a bash from a baton no doubt!

    Please try and be a peacemaker

    I just watched a response from a Sunni Muslim who is a citizen of Israel and respects Israel and their right to exist, will provide the link if you wish!!! How's that for tole


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Braver than a million arab

    Source(s): JG
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  • Dirk
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    8 years ago

    Some people just dont know how to behave as HUMAN BEINGS.

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