♂ WDYT of these boy names?

I am not pregnant; I just love names.

♂ Alexander Scott "Alex"

♂ Charles Aaron "Charlie"

♂ Dominic James "Dominic"

♂ Frederick Thomas "Freddie"

♂ Oliver Caleb "Oliver"

♂ Samuel Patrick "Sam"

♂ Simon Daniel "Simon"

♂ William Connor "Liam"

The most detailed answer will get ten points! =)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Alexander Scott "Alex" 8.5/10 - I've always loved the name Alexander. It's just really awesome and handsome and I can picture it on a person of any age (I don't care about the popularity as these pluses outweigh it) , and my dad's name is Alex. I like Xander as a NN as well. I'm considering Alexander in the middle name spot for my future son (btw, I'm also not expecting just collecting). I'm not a fan of the name Scott, but it makes a nice MN.

    Charles Aaron "Charlie" 6.5/10 - This is not my favorite but nice. I used to dislike the name Charles, but now I'm a fan of the -les ending (like also Miles) so... I happen to quite like it! And I Iike that you use Charlie for a NN and not Chuck (I dislike that one). Aaron... I've never been huge on this name, TBH. But everyone loves it so it's an ok name.

    Dominic James 10/10 - I absolutely love how you don't use nicknames for Dominic! I don't like the NN Dom at all, sorry to anyone who likes it. Nick is fine, but I still prefer Dominic no nickname. That being said, I'm really fond of Dominic and James, despite being a common MN, is just an epic name!

    Frederick Thomas "Freddie" 9/10 - well, well, well... I have a very hesitant opinion on the name Frederick. One part of my brain thinks it's very old-fashioned, and Freddie s reminiscent of Freddy Krueger. Another one considers Frederick cool and handsome, and Freddie - a super cute nickname. The "good" part of the brain dominates at the moment, so I'm really liking Frederick right now. And Thomas is very nice as well.

    Oliver Caleb 10/10 - Oliver is stunning! It's just so classy and classic and modern at the same time, and... I feel like I found my soulmate in nicknames. I also don't use any "shorts" (:D) for Oliver. I like Caleb too since I kind of have a biblical names craze. As for the flow, at first I wasn't big on it - I thought for a moment that the "l-v" consonants in Oliver and the "l-b" ones in Caleb sort of clash. However, I said Oliver Caleb aloud and didn't find it a big deal. In love with this combination!

    Samuel Patrick "Sam" 7/10 - I like both names and the whole combo is pure class to me, but I know a not-nice Patrick so maybe that bothers me. I am a fan of Samuel though.

    Simon Daniel 6/10 - Simon is ok. The only problem I have with it is that I can't see it on a little boy or on a teenager (sorry). That's just my opinion, don't listen to me lol. Daniel is amazing though - it's my dad's middle name!

    William Connor "Liam" 10/10 - I. Love. This. Back when I had a massive crush on the name Liam, Liam Connor was my #2 favorite boy name, and this kinda Irish combo is still on my list. Now I prefer William to Liam, but still adore Liam as a nickname, and Connor has always sounded cool and edgy to me, so I think this name rocks!

    Nice names!


  • Paula
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Alexander Scott- nice but Alex is too common for my tastes. How abt Scott Alexander, it flows better and I only know one Scott and countless Alex's

    Charles Aaron- LOVE IT!! Love the NN Charlie too!

    Dominic James- LOVE IT! I would also only call him Dominic, I don't like the NN Dom at all

    Frederick Thomas- very very nice! Flows well and I like both names!

    Oliver Caleb- my FAVORITE on the list! My son will be Oliver and I love Caleb as an MN! I never thought of that combo! I may steal it from u :)

    Samuel Patrick- same thing I said for Alexander Scott, swap it bc I've never met a Patrick but I know 25 Sam's (and that's just off the top of my head)

    Simon Daniel- ehh, not really my tastes. Daniel reminds me of Daniel tosh and he's hot so that's good lol

    William Connor- LOVE IT!

  • Ashley
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Alexander Scott- Definitely not a bad name. Neither Alexander or Scott is my cup of tea though

    Charles Aaron- Love it. Charlie is adorable and so is Aaron

    Dominic James- Cute. Not my fave name but still nice

    Frederick Thomas- I don't care for Fred.. I love Thomas

    Oliver Caleb- Love it!

    Samuel Patrick- I'm not a fan of Patrick, Samuel is one of my favorite boy names

    Simon Daniel- Daniel is fine, I really don't like Simon

    William Connor- Connor isn't my taste, I adore William (but nicknamed Will, not Liam)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Alexander Scott: I like it! It flows well, ages well, and just sounds cute!

    Charles Aaron: Its okay, but it kind of sounds a little out-dated.

    Dominic James: Not my favorite name, but I do like it. I would call him Nic for short though.

    Frederick Thomas: Don't like, sorry. It sounds old and nerdy to me.

    Oliver Caleb: I don't like Oliver, but I love Caleb.

    Samuel Patrick: I love Samuel/Sam, but I don't like Patrick.

    Simon Daniel: I don't like Simon, but I love Daniel.

    William Connor: I love it! So cute and ages well! I love the nickname Liam too!

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  • 7 years ago

    Oliver Caleb or William Connor

  • 7 years ago

    I LOVE the first two! My sister's name is Alex, which I love for a boy and I REALLY wanted my uncle to name his newborn son Charlie (but instead he named him Damon). I don't really like the name Dominic, but that's my personal opinion. Freddie and Oliver are okay. I like the name Sam (: Don't really care for Simon. And I LOVE Liam. My cousin is naming her baby (born in December) Liam (:

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    They all sound like old man names. I HATE the name Dominic, and I don't even know why. Freddie I automatically thought of Freddie Krueger. Charlie and Alex aren't too bad, just really common, and Alex...I just don't like unisex names.

    Oliver I actually like.

    Sam, again...too common. Simon sounds like a cute little nerdy kid. Liam I liked until my stepson's mom named her baby that. Plus, Liam is becoming very trendy.

    They're just...in general...too common or unisex.

  • 7 years ago

    Love William connor

  • 3 years ago

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