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What detachable carry handle should I put on my AR-15?

My Ar came with a F marked front sight base and a Magpul flip up sight for the rear sight. I'm thinking about getting a detachable carry handle. what brand should I get? does it matter?

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    95% of all detachable AR carry handles are made by the same mil contractor which are then bought by companies like Colt and put on their rifles.

    My question is, why would you want a carry handle when you already have an MBUS?

    Run it the way it is until you've got some cash saved up for a good red dot sight.

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    Why would you want to make the Magpul sight useless by putting in a carrying handle? The carry handle serves no purpose. If you want to mount something useful get a cowitnessed red dot.

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    Instead of trying to talk you out of it - I will just answer the question.......

    Check out Model 1 Sales..... They have these handles.....

  • Karle
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    8 years ago

    nope doesn't make a difference.....would buy a cheap one off amazon

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