What are my chances of getting into MIT?

Personally, I would prefer somebody who knows the admissions, or who was admitted into MIT. But all opinions are helpful

I am currently going to become a junior in a vocational school. And I know MIT doesn't generally admit to vocational schools. I have a 3.3 GPA. I had a low grade in freshman year, that dragged it down. Since then I have had ALL A's. If I continue to receive the same grades for the next two years I will have a 3.8-4.0 GPA (including weights for Honors). I am in all honors classes.

I'm a very preferred student, all my teachers love me as a worker. I am in honors Physics, top of my class. My vocational field is Electronics, and we study robotics and participate in the FTC robotics challenge. The shop has had some very good reputation and progress. Just recently we placed 4th in world robotics. I do not start robotics until this year however. I also founded and run an Engineering Club in my school which we are currently working on a quadcopter, with a camera that can be remote controlled from an iphone, or galaxy.

At home I work two jobs, in culinary and delivering newspapers. I am planning on starting volunteer work, (working at the library, soup kitchens, and any other charity I can find). I also donate 30% of my paycheck every month to a foundation that provides support for people in areas of poverty. Mostly in Africa helping villages.

As a personality I am extremely into science and engineering. I am huge on physics, and I do many projects involving engineering and physics. I am not afraid to rise up to any challenge of any project.

Currently what are my chances of getting into MIT?

Also, how would these things improve my chances?

My goal is to receive a patent before I graduate high school.

We are having luck on the quadcopter so far. We are finishing up machining it, it is all ready designed. It will have an electronic stabilizing system, to allow it to fly and hover straight. Automatic calibration. The camera comes with a gyroscope and a directional microphone. The microphone is being tested and trying to be designed to not have the problems with wind. Not much much luck on that. As said it can be controlled with an iphone, galaxy, or a portable IR remote.

Our goal for FTC robotics is to place in World Championships. We want to at least make it there. We have the support and team to do it, and have hope we will.

If you need any more details I can post them, I think I have covered everything though. Thank you in advance :)


Oh yes, I have not taken any SAT/ACT tests yet. I am taking them this fall. I should score high on them, all my teachers have a lot of faith in me.

Update 2:

Sorry I should have added I do have a lot to show for my interests. I do not know exactly what to list though. I have an extremely huge interest in science, and I still have two years left in high school. Freshman year I had all A's and B's, but one bad grade. Sophomore year all A's. (in my school an = 4.0)

I plan on doing even better these next two years with all A+'s. I am starting an internship soon, once I get my license in this fall. I have a lot of people to recommend me too.

GPA isn't everything either, you don't need an extremely high GPA to get into it, my other friends who got in. One had a GPA in the low 3's. I know many people who have.

Update 3:

I live in Massachusetts, and I all ready know I have a solid shot at Umass. I plan on taking my undergraduate courses there, because a big thing I forgot to mention is I plan on getting my PHD in either General Relativity, or Cosmology. I research into these fields as much as possible. I own many books on physics and take extra courses just to know more.

Another thing I failed to mention is that I take private lessons to get even further in school. Over every summer I take an extra course in math to get even further ahead. While in school I also attend Westfield University to take extra science courses in physics.

Update 4:

Universities do not focus on your grades and scores alone. The most of it is how you applied yourself, what you did otherwise. Your extra curricular activities that make it happen. If you had perfect scores and didn't get in, how would anybody else get in?

I do my best to poke my ahead and stand out in the science community. Our group has been mentioned on the news and newspaper several times.

Update 5:

Thank you Katherine! I wont give up no matter what people say, I will not stop trying harder. MIT is my goal and dream and I've been working very hard for it. I plan on visiting often and talking to counselors as much as possible. I am very eccentric about it, thanks for the feedback :)

Update 6:

Thanks again :) I have an explanation for that one poor grade I had there. Otherwise all my grades are perfect 4.0's. I'm hoping for the best when I apply.

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    6 years ago
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    The answers so far have been a bit harsh. The best chance you have of getting into MIT is to get involved with the school. Go to the school workshops and fairs. Volunteer at the school. Build a good relationship with a admin counselor. Anybody can have the same stats as you, what really matters is the impression you have on the school.

    I wish you luck and keep being intelligent!


    There's always room on app's to explain grades, so you could really elaborate on all the extra things you did to recover from your freshman year!

  • eri
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    6 years ago

    Colleges ask for unweighted GPA on the 4.0 scale. Your GPA is extremely low for a top school and you can't raise it significantly in one year. Your high school type counts against you. You don't really have anything to show for your interests that most other kid don't have (research, internships, publications, etc). You have a very poor shot at a top school. But that's OK. You'd do fine at a state university (depending on your state, you might not have a good chance at that either with your GPA).

  • 6 years ago

    I had an un-weighted 4.0 in high school. I made a 32 on my ACT. I didn't get into MIT. Stop dreaming.

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