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Where to buy official YG , SM & Woollim Entertainment merchandise in Korea?

I'm going to Korea next month & was just wondering where can I buy official merchandise of YG , SM and Woollim Entertainment.If anyone knows where to buy official lightsticks , I would gladly love to know too. Thanks!

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    -click on SHOP

    Most of the times concerts sell glowsticks.

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    Sm Entertainment Store

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    For SM, they have a store called Everysing where they sell their official goods. There's one in Apgujeong, Myeondong, and in Incheon Airport. There's a shop at the underground shopping centre at myeondong that sells relatively cheaper CDs and concert merchandise. I heard that there original, but I'm not too sure myself.

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    You can get official albums and stuff at cd stores. Like hottracks... I know they sell a lot of official merchandise at concerts, but I don't know if you're going to any.. you can also get stuff online, and I know stationary stores that sell things like posters, stickers, postcards and magazines(someof these aren't official though) you can basically get kpop stuff anywhere..

    Source(s): Born in korea and lived there for fourteen years before moving to the states
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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avP8n

    haha, there are a lot of questions here-- but they are all good ones!! My aunt works for SM, my best friend is an SM trainee, and I just signed on to be a DSP trainee, so hopefully I can use a bit of what I know to help you out. You can audition by mail for SM and JYP (the details are on their websites). Both of those companies also hold yearly global auditions in America and SM has weekly auditions in LA as well. 1. SM is difficult to get in mainly because there are SOO many people that audition for it. But, it is not impossible. Like I said, my best friend got in, but he is an awesome singer and has the typical "boy band" look. I will admit that SM takes looks into account more than any other company. They are known throughout the entertainment world as being the company of "fresh faces", so they usually only sign on very attractive people. They also are really strict with their trainees (according to my friend). 2. YG does not count on looks as much, but you need to have a REALLY strong voice to get in. They really prize vocal talent (or if you are good at rap, then they like that as well). It is not exactly easier to get in because the talent level is so high, but if you are really confident about your voice, YG would be a great choice. I will warn you, however, that training for YG is much longer than for other companies since YG really wants their artists to find their own unique style. So you have to be willing to train for a little longer. 3. JYP people are nice, but they aren't really nicer or meaner than any other company. They really prize dancing skills in their trainees, so if you don't think you can dance, I recommend taking a few classes or just learning a few basic steps. I believe that dancing is part of the audition process. It is not easier than SM to get in and there are many JYP trainees that get in and don't get the chance to debut. You have to continue to work hard even after getting in the company (as with all companies, I suppose) 4. You most likely will have to stay in Korea. My best friend is currently in Seoul and I will have to stay in Seoul as well when I start my training in August. Both SM and DSP provide housing in dorms for their trainees if they need it and also provide allowances for them, and I am sure the others companies do similar things. 5. You still do have a chance at getting in. There are many foreigners in Korean bands. Super Junior had a Chinese member, U-Kiss has both Chinese and Japanese members, and 2NE1 has Sandra Park, who was raised in the Philippines. So you most certainly can make it. 6. You do get breaks, though not many. My friend was able to come back about three times last year for about a week at a time (he got a couple of weeks off during the winter). And I am looking at my DSP schedule right now and they are giving us about four one-week breaks and about two weeks during winter, so there is opportunity for you to go back to your family. 7. You can still qualify. They don't really look at your grades. But if you do debut, idols are supposed to be role models for the younger children, so focusing a bit on studies wouldn't hurt. Though your grades won't stop you from getting into companies. 8. It is possible, depending on your company, your timing, and your skill. The training period is usually anywhere from 2-6 years. During this time, you have voice, dancing, and acting lessons (plus language lessons if you need it). Plus, it gives the company time to look at you and the other trainees. If they want to debut you in a group, then they will wait until they find other people who would compliment your singing style and would fit together as a group. If you are going to debut solo then your training period might be a bit shorter, since they only have to worry about you. 9. Most companies do take looks into account a lot. Since entertainment is a look based industry, especially in Korea, companies do like to have singers that look good. Of course companies vary on how much importance they put on looks. SM depends on them heavily, while YG does not as much... but over all looks are a factor in the final decisions. Hope that helped, and if you need any more information, feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to help out.

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    You can buy it from http://cshopping.net/

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