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I have problems wit my passat?

My 2000 vw passat wont start. The remote key will not unlock doors or trunk. No panic alarm. The #14 fuse blows out upon replacement. The dom lights, passenger lights wont come on, the sunroof wont open. I replaced the car battery still all mentioned persists.

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    Fuse #14 is for the Comfort control module. If it pops every time you replace it, you have a problem . The Comfort Control Module is dead, and that's why all that stuff doesn't work. The Anti-theft Alarm is inside the Comfort Control Module.

    Lift up the carpet in the driver's foot well. The Comfort Module is inside a black box. Unclip the box from the floor, just grab it and pull it off the buttons, hang it outside the car, and open the box. It is probably full of water, or has been under water at some point. Disconnect the connector and inspect the sockets inside the connector for corrosion. Look at the pins in the control module, too. Green slime or crusty gunk on the pins and sockets will sometimes pop the fuse. More than likely, if you open the control module up, you will find the circuit board is covered in corrosion. If corrosion is the problem, clean the connector with electrical contact cleaner, available at the auto parts store in a spray can, and replace the Comfort Control module. Then fix the water leak.

    If the car has been wrecked around the driver's door near the front fender, the wiring could have been damaged to the module. Lifting up the carpet will allow you to inspect the wiring.

    Another possibility is one of the sun visors has shorted wiring for the vanity lights. It sometimes happens when the sun visors are removed and re-installed, that the wiring is in the wrong place, and the screw for the visor pinches the wiring, shorting it out.If the vanity lights work, both of them, and the dome lights work with the switch, shorted wiring is not the problem.

    With the Comfort Control Module dead, the car will not start because, the Anti-Theft Alarm Starter Interlock relay is dead, too.

    You will have to remove the relay, and jump the copper colored terminals with a wire with spade terminals on it. DO NOT USE A PAPER CLIP!!

    Remove the dash panel trim that has the headlight switch in it. The relay panel is revealed. Relay #12, of the 13 place relay panel, is the Starting Interlock Relay for the Anti-Theft Alarm System. 186 is printed on the top.

    You will be able to start the car until you replace or repair the Comfort System Control Module. Just none of the stuff that now doesn't work, still won't work as long as the Comfort Module is dead.

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    Why did you replace the battery, since obviously that could not cause fuses to blow?

    First thing you have to do is find the shot blowing fuses.

    Disconnect everything from the fuse, and then return them one at a time, and put a test light across the fuse instead of wasting fuses. When you don't have a short but just a normal draw, the light will be half bright because both the light and the device will be in series. When you find the short, the light will be full bright, because there will be nothing in series with it but a hard short.

    Then everything else will probably work fine.

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    Vw Passat Comfort Control Module

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