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Who is the youngest you tuber?

I know some youtubers are 16 but I don't think I know any that are around 13 or 14. I am a 14 year old you tuber and I have 1,500 subscribers (DMG Prods)

Is there any? By the way I know there are like 6 year old you tubers, I mean popular ones.

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    "Kid president" of Soul Pancake channel is 8 years old, his real name is Robby and I believe some of his more popular videos have over 2 million hits. He is quite popular and hilarious honestly, and one of the more younger youtubers of the cyber video world. Kid President, originally a rather modest creation of the Freed-Hardeman University Office of Marketing and University Relations to promote the school’s annual benefit dinner, has exploded into something much larger. A series of episodes urging viewers “to make the world awesome” and to “be a party” have gone viral on YouTube. Kid President is portrayed by Robby Novak.

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