2 Red Dots on Face? Did an Insect bite me? **WITH PICTURE. 10 POINTS**?

I've had this for about 2-3 Days and I'm pretty sure it isn't a Pimple because both dots are very close together, the two dots doesn't hurt and I wash my Face all the time so I'm pretty sure it's not a Pimple and it doesn't look like a pimple

I have a Picture and I took this Picture of my Phone showing the Pic of the Two dots (I didn't know how to Transfer the Pic to my Macbook so I took it with the Photo booth instead. And the Photo booth has bad Lighting so I wanted to do it on my Phone) Okay so here it is


It's on my Cheek. Does anybody have an Idea what this is? :(

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  • 8 years ago
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    looks like you were bit by a vampire!

    lol jk looks like a spider bite

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