Child support was supposed to be garnished from my ex's SSD on the 3rd. When Can I expect to receive it.?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You did not say what kind on SSD. Is it SSDI or SSI. If it is SSDI than your child would receive a separate benefit from his and you should of gotten it on the 3rd as well. If it is SSI than you would receive nothing as SSI does not cover dependents only the individual it is intended for. Even SS Retirement your child would receive a separate check from your ex check. SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance for individuals who have worked and put in appropriate hours. SSI is Supplemental Security Insurance is for disabled also but for individuals who have not worked enough hours to get SSDI. Social Security Retirement they have to at least 62 to receive. Now if you have not gotten it than contact the SSA office to find out if was mail out. More than likely they probably sent it to your ex instead of you or your ex did not let them know to send it to you. Again they may or may not garnish depending on any past arrears he may owe.

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