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Xbox One vs. Google glass?

Yes, I understand that they are totally different as one is a gaming console and the other is techie eye wear, but I have been saving up money and am wondering which one is a better buy? Please do not comment Ps4 because you are a Ps4 fan.

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    I mean this google thing is going to be the big thing, compatible to the iPhone changing phones....... But once when I was just a weee lad I had wanted a puppy, I got... 2 weeks later I didn't want that puppy! Google glass sounds cool but it kind of sounds like a hype thing after a while its just going to get annoying... I would rather just pull out my phone from my pocket then have to randomly yell commands at my own face! Over all the firstgen of eye ware products is going to be chore and Xbox one is revolutionizing TV and gaming... How could you possibly mess that up? I mean that shits rocket science level stuff!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Google Glass Because You Know :3

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