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How can I expand my vocabulary?

Apart from reading a dictionary and using an app designed to specify synonyms of words, I can't think of a way to expand my vocabulary. (When I say this, I mean that I'd like to have a variety of words that even Spock would be "fascinated" at.)

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    Read novels, books, etc that you're interested in, overtime you'll be amazed at the amount of words you'd be learning. What my English teacher recommended to do was to learn a new word from the dictionary everyday, not just a random word though, a synonym of a word that you already know. I don't know how old you are, but if you're above 18, chances are that you already know most of the words you'd need in daily conversation, writing, etc already. So to expand your vocabulary, you should learn words that have the same meaning with the words you already know. Hope I helped.

    Source(s): My English teacher.
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    I've observed that the exceptional approach to try this is to just read the whole thing. The extra you learn, the extra you learn. If you don't know a phrase when studying, choose up a dictionary and seem it up. Make certain you understand how to pronounce it, too, to be able to use it in speech as good as in writing. When you learn, become aware of the special patterns of writing. Experiment with the aid of writing quick studies or passages in these patterns. Find out what makes you quite like unique styles or plots, and write them down. Refer back to that list when writing, so you can write in a technique you are going to like. I would say that once reading, attempt to learn more books from a even as ago (reminiscent of Jane Austen's books, or even Anya Seton--Katherine is an mighty novel), considering they have an inclination to have extra "significant" phrases than books placed this present day. (even though books from now could be a superb resource too). Performs are excellent, but they are now not the best for vocabulary or learning to write down, given that they may be talking, and it is very exclusive from novels, and considering that variety of writing is so limited. Except, of course, you want to be a play write. Then, by all manner, read a play. I also find that crossword puzzles (reasonably tough ones, at the least) support with vocabulary. Other phrase games, too. Hope this helps. =]

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  • 7 years ago

    If you really want to expand your vocabulary, then start reading more.

    Regularly perusue texts that are challenging to your vocabulary.

    Learn a word a day.

    Play some games. Word games that challenge you and help you discover new meanings and new words are a great and fun tool in your quest for expanding your vocabulary.

    Engage in conversations. Simply talking with other people can help you learn discover new words.

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    5 years ago

    sophisticated factor. search at search engines like google. that will can assist!

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  • 7 years ago

    Watch American movies.

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