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In April I found out I was 3 wks pregnant then had a miscarriage. I had a normal 7 day period from May 17 to May 24. I started having pregnancy symptoms around June 5th and awaited my period. It was due June 14th. I thought I was pregnant again so I took a test June 13th it was neg. That morning (14th) I had a few drops of old blood. It went away for 3 days. Then I had light spotting for 3 days and it was gone. The symptoms are worse now. My breasts hurt, frequent urination, and I've gained 6 lbs. I'm having just a bit of cramping but period isn't due for at least 2 weeks... I feel like I'm losing it cause after the negative pregnancy test I have believed and lived as if I'm not pregnant. Today I started wondering if it's possible these conception calculators were wrong. Is it possible to get pregnant after you were expected to?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The problem with conception calendars is they don't take in to consideration stress, or other factors that can delay your ovulation. In fact, I used one myself, and I thought I was out of my fertile week with my boyfriend, but it turns out due to stress because of my final exams, my ovulation was delayed, meaning I ended up having unprotected sex during my fertile window and here I am 11 weeks pregnant. My problem is I'm not too familiar with when I ovulate to know when to avoid it without guessing on a calculator. What you're having sounds like what I had the week before I tested positive. I would wait for a bit and test again. I didn't test positive until I was 20 days late for my period, and by that time I was only four weeks pregnant, meaning when my period should have come I was only 11 days pregnant at the time.

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