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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceInvesting · 8 years ago

difference between private equity fund and private equity fund service?

i might be getting work xp at a private equity fund services so would like to know

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    1. Private Equity Funds:

    1.1 A private equity fund is a type of investment vehicle that utilizes a group of investors with cash to invest. This type of fund is similar to a mutual fund except that it is not widely available to the public. These funds invest in equity positions in companies to realize large returns on investment.

    1.2 The purpose of this type of investment is to provide a way for institutional and individual investors to pool their money together and invest in equity positions. By putting their money together, these investors can take advantage of economies of scale and make larger returns on their investments. With this type of fund, investors can become partial owners of promising companies and experience substantial amounts of growth.

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    2. Private Equity Services

    2.1 As the name suggests, Private Equity Services provide services to Private Equity Funds.

    2.3 Private equity fund services include:


    Fund organization and structuring

    Valuations and FAS 157/ASC 820

    Management fees, including deferrals and waivers

    Income, loss and carried interest allocations

    Distribution computations

    Internal rate of return (IRR) computations

    Financial statement preparation and disclosures

    Specialized private equity services for SBICs and BDCs

    Custody audits


    Tax compliance and consulting services

    Fund formation and implementation

    Capital account maintenance services

    2.4 For details, please read at:



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