How do I get an Internet connection on two desktops?

Hi everyone.

I'm a newbie when it comes to Internet connections, Wi-Fi and whatnot.

My current setup is: 2 desktops, 1 modem, 1 router; desktops relatively close together; router is not wireless, but runs on a cord attached to the modem which is attached to the other desktop..

My future setup is: 2 desktops, FAR away from each other

My question is.. how exactly do I setup an Internet connection on both PCs? My ISP of choice is Comcast. I've been told that having a modem/router connected to one PC with an ethernet cable (strong connection) and a wi-fi adaptor connected to another PC (weaker connection) is the way to go.

I also would enjoy having a connection joinable from outside devices such as an iPod/iPad.


I have no idea what anything past "I've been told that" means.. so an explanation in simpler terms/what to get would be helpful.

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    8 years ago
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    I will try to keep the answer as non technical as possible.

    Are you sure your router is not wireless?

    Wireless routers are practically all that is sold nowadays. A wireless router still requires a cord (Ethernet cable) between the Comcast cable modem and the router.

    Wireless routers are fairly inexpensive depending on the features you desire.

    The advantage of a wireless router is, in addition to having multiple corded connections it also can broadcast a WiFi signal that can be used to connect many wireless devices to the Internet.

    Many people would be likely be surprised at how many active connections their wireless router has. I have dozens. Cell phones, tablets, iPods, game consoles, laptops, desktops, ROKU boxes, Internet enabled devices such as TVs and audio receivers, and the list goes on.

    Wireless connections require security configuration to prevent anyone with a WiFi in range of your router from connecting to your network. They could do malicious deeds, such as hack into your network, or just leech off of your Internet bandwidth.

    Wireless setup is not too difficult, Just follow the instructions in the router manual or wizard set up program. If you're having problems either pay someone to set it up for you or find a knowledgeable friend to configure it. Once the wireless network settings are configured it's a fairly trouble-free system.

    That being said,

    For stationary devices such as desktop computers, cabled connections are better. If you must use wireless then you just need to add a USB WiFi adapter to the remote desktop. They are very inexpensive.

    Wireless signals are affected by many factors including distance, wall density, electrical interference, directional antenna range, etc.

    All of these factors will affect your actual wireless range, speed and connection quality.

    For serious gaming or video streaming your best bet is a direct Ethernet cable connection. Ethernet is unaffected by wireless interference and will give you a rock solid, stable network connection.

    If it is not feasible to run Ethernet cable the next best option would be a set of powerline network adapters

    You plug one in by your router and one in the room where you need access and connect them to the devices with standard Ethernet patch cables. The network signals are transmitted over your existing home electrical wiring which will not be affected by wireless interference. There is still overhead in the connection but it is much more stable than WiFi.

    Good Luck...

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  • Kate
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    5 years ago

    You will absolutely not have to pay anything additional at all if you want to connect more than one computer to your Time Warner connection. Time Warner representatives may *tell* you that you need to pay extra, but this is just what they are trained to say so that they can extract more money from customers who don't know any better. This, at least, is what Earthlink representatives tell customers, and Earthlink is a Time Warner reseller in some areas, so the two may have similar policies. If someone tells you that you need to pay extra to use a router with your service or else it won't work, they are lying; whether you pay a router surcharge or not, your service will work fine with a router. You will not need a DSL modem for either computer. All you will need is a cable modem, which you presumably already have, and a way to connect more than one machine at once, such as a router. QUOTE Can I just buy a new Desktop Computer, hook it up to my outlet and it'll have internet service? /QUOTE If by, `outlet`, you mean your cable modem, then yes. To do that though, you would have to disconnect the currently connected computer, only allowing one computer to be connected at a time. That's why I suggest that you purchase a router so that you can have as many computers or other devices connected simultaneously as you want.

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    The above solution WILL work, and it would allow for an iPod and an iPad etc to work as well, however, if you need the speed, (And wifi can still be fast, you can stream video and game with it fine even.) then you may also opt for running a really long Ethernet cable through the walls with one end where your router is (plugged into the router) and one end where your second desktop is. (plugged into your desktop)

    To use the wireless solution you will need a wireless router and a USB wifi adapter, both of which you can pick up on sites like newegg or amazon.

    Source(s): This is the setup at my house for running a line to our second wireless router.
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    4 years ago

    Two Desktops

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No. That ia rubbish. Your router should have multiple ports if it is any decent type. If not get a network switch ad connect that to the router. Then connect both computers to the switch.

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