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Thoughts on Sentry Fiproguard flea and tick spray?

I have cats, kittens, and a large dog and they all have fleas. My pet store actually didn't have a very large selection of flea treatments, but I saw Sentry Fiproguard spray and it was slightly cheaper than Advantage and Frontline, and says it has the same ingredients, so I got the spray. I sat down to read reviews before attempting to use it, and they are all absolutely horrifying. Has anyone else had good/bad experiences with this product? I am not going to use it, I'm returning it tomorrow. Just curious what anyone else thinks of it firsthand.

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    I would NEVER, EVER use anything my vet didn't recommend. And I would NEVER, EVER use ANYTHING made by HARTZ. Period. Full stop.

    Or any other OTC crap. Seriously!

    Source(s): 43 years of being owned by cats and 33 years of fostering kittens
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    You can find information about Fiproguard Max here:

    The MAX formula has fipronil which is in Frontline Plus. But it does not have another key ingredient and is inferior to Frontline and Advantix II

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