Is there any anime streaming website similar to Animecrazy?

So, Animecrazy won't be here a few hours from now, so, is there any other anime watching website that's like animecrazy where you can:

make an account

subscribe to anime

mark your last watched episodes

get all the notifications

make reviews

chat on forums

find many good and various streaming mirrors

comment on each episode

sorry i'm too picky but i just never imagined Animecrazy shutting down. The conditions i listed are the main reasons i prefer animecrazy over any other anime streaming website, so please help!!

Don't just give me any website, i have a bunch of them but none of them pleases me because it has none of the above :/

Thanks in advance :)


crunchyroll doesn't have every anime...

in Animefreak you can't make accounts or do any of the above.

Just what was i blabbering for? :facepalm:

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