business plan for e-commerce?

I would like to start an e-commerce (sell items on amazoon) where can I find a good example of a business plan?

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    8 years ago
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    The best examples and details that I have ever found was at the, the small business administration website. also has numerous examples in several industries. You can try the link to look at them. You can get further help by downloading free and trial software for business functions like accounting at the universally recognized Professional developers even provide links so it is legal , generally virus free, and helpful. Updates and changes are often available at all the sites mentioned.

  • wax
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    4 years ago

    ROI is the only factor that can settle on the destiny and consequence of your organization in the long-term. e-commerce companies rely on extremely some factors like: - merchandising - opposition - objective industry & attain - delivers - Competitiveness - industry stability - worker satisfaction and much greater.

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