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How long should it take a Jack Russell Terrier to learn its name?

We got a Jack Russell from the pound yesterday,she is about a year old, and I was wondering how fast she should learn her name? Also, are they able to be trained fast? I was hoping to teach her some tricks.


I don't mind if she doesn't learn fast, I was just wondering how long it should take.

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    Jack Russell's are one of the most smartest dogs ever! they learn very very quickly. I have an 8 month old Jack Russell and whenever I teach her a new trick, it takes her about 5 minutes to learn it for good! its incredible! Your dog is only a year old she is still a puppy she will learn her name fast! if she already had a different name to begin with, it might take her a bit longer to learn her new name but it shouldn't take more than a few days :) have fun with your new dog and remember Jack Russells are very high in energy and require a lot of regular walks or they get bored and become destructive and might ruin things in your home if they get too bored. They are very good jumpers and climbers because they are natural hunters, they love chasing rats, if they want to get out of a fenced yard that's not secure enough, they will surely try and often succeed so make sure she cant escape :)

    Jack Russell's love mind stimulation and learn tricks very fast, they love to have their brain worked out so play lots of mind games with her, teach her little tricks and keep her highly intelligent brain stimulated also lots of walks and toys and you will have a happy little dog :) Jack Russell's like to be with their owners all the time, they are very loyal and loving little mates.

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    Hello , I have a jack russell mix and he is actually the best furry student I've had , he is crossed with a Chihuahua. It will take it's time for her to learn her new name. What name did you put her? You can easily train a Jack Russell to learn it's name to enhance her knowledge that _____ is her name. Here is a clip that helps you teach your pet to come when called here are the two links , very easy to understand and in easy steps with a AMAZING trainer , Victoria.


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    The Jack R. is very playful and intelligent. However , MANY people will never get this breed because they are too energetic and very mischief , though they make the best of pets when trained! Here are other clips with the same trainer.

    Go to bed on cue: http://youtu.be/WyN18KZOSSE

    Youtube thumbnail

    For more Type on youtube : eHowPets Victoria Stillwell

    Here is to prove to everybody how intellgent Jack russell's are! http://youtu.be/LgBKhj48VDY

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    I'm sure she will catch on to her name quickly if you keep using it to call her and praise her when she responds. I recommend clicker training, you click the exact time she does something you want her to (e.g sit) then reward with a treat. You should find one in your local pet store, out dog now knows loads of tricks from clicker training. I'm sure there are loads of videos on Youtube on how to clicker train a dog.

    Thanks for adopting this dog from the pound!! :) Good luck!

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    Why do you want to do everything so fast? Just be patient and consistent with her and she will eventually learn in her own time. If you wanted a super fast learner you should have got a poodle, a german shepherd or a collie, they are the top fast learners!

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