Poll: What is your favorite Kid Rock song?

Wasting time. No, that's not what I'm doing (well maybe it is) but it's the name of my favorite song by the Kid. Notice Johnny Chimpo didn't ask for your opinion of Kid Rock; I don't care about what you think, go tell someone who cares if you don't like him. Just my little love muffins who like the Kid's music should answer this.

Oh, and did you see Joe Dirt? Kid was hilarious in that---great music and talented actor if you don't like the guy you have no taste. Sorry, but how would you feel? He works hard to be a great performer and you of all people are going to say he sucks? I'd like to see you do what he does and not implode. That's a lot of pressure.

So I digress. Please tell Johnny Chimpo your favorite song by the Kid and we can dance to it together. ♥

7 Answers

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    I like, American Badass, but how are we supposed to dance to that, Johnny? Lol!

    Eh, we could just head-bang together, huh? ;)

  • Tigger
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Born Free

  • 7 years ago


  • 7 years ago

    Let's Ride, or the other song that he did with Eminem(The title of the song is a little inappropriate, so I'm not going to say it here).

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  • Cosmic
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    That's easy, "All Summer Long".

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


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