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Suwanee Georgia or Peachtree City?

Looking into moving to Georgia and wanted to know what are these two cities (towns) like to live in? We have an almost 3 year old and one on the way so we want somewhere safe but fun for families. Anything would help thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Both of these towns have a lot to offer families. Peachtree City is the jewel of the southern suburbs of Atlanta. It's an island of nice homes, good schools and great amenities. I say island because there isn't much else on the southside of town. It's almost like an isolated sanctuary in the southern suburbs. But that's what it was intended to be. Peachtree City is a fully planned and developed community from the ground up. Unless you have to be on the southside for work or family I'd personally prefer to be on the northern end of the suburbs and that is where Suwannee is located.

    Suwanee is also very upper middle class. Excellent homes, great schools. Everything you'd want in a good neighborhood to raise a family. it sits among several other excellent suburban towns like Milton, Cumming and Alpharetta.

    All in all I'd say Peachtree City has a lot to offer but The only way I would live ther is if I had to live on that side of town. Peacchtree City is the best option for the southside. Suwanee and the surrounding area have more to offer. But these towns are a long distance apart so you have to determine if you want to live on the southside or northside and the majority of the middle to upper income families live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.

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