What are the best and worst things about going barefoot in summer?

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  • N
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    7 years ago
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    Best? Feet on the warm sand.

    Worst? Stepping on something gross or the super hot ground burning my toes.

  • 7 years ago

    Best: Walking on the beach and paddling in the sea.

    Worst: Treading on a big fat slug, I have done this barefoot.

  • 7 years ago

    Walking in the cool grass and it's more comfortable without shoes.

    Worst things are hot sand, hot sidewalks, cutting your foot, and sharp rocks.

  • 7 years ago

    Best: cool grass

    Worst: Dogshit

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  • 7 years ago

    During the summer people glass beer bottles are broken everywhere. Plus the pavement burns so, yeah :)

    But i dont have to look for my shoes :D

  • Ken
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    7 years ago

    Best.Warm sand or grass Worst Hot sand and dog poop

  • 6 years ago

    Best: the freedom to walk without shoes--while others wear hot and sweaty closed shoes or sandals that still don't give the feet total freedom--on rough and hot surfaces that others cannot walk on without wearing shoes.

    Worst: burn or friction blisters from walking too long and/or too fast on too hot pavement (especially blacktop asphalt).

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Feel the grass


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