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Why aren't the Pirates getting televised games on ESPN?

For the first time in years, they have been playing exciting baseball and are at the top of the division (at least right now). Despite their surge, ESPN keeps marketing lesser teams like the Angels and Dodgers, two teams fans have had very little to cheer about.

When the Rays ascended to prominence, they were getting increasing recognition nationally. But when they were the Devil Rays they were largely ignored by most media outlets.

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    They 're scheduled to be on espn next week vs. Oakland.


    They were on tbs tbs sunday afternoon baseball a few weeks ago, and last year, espn showed them on Wednesday night baseball against the Cardinals.I think the reason we don't see them more often is because Pittsburgh is small, compared to New York, LA, and Texas, and they don't have enough big name players though McCutchen is getting there. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

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    Because ESPN is a business and wants ratings.

    Unfortunately, people don't care about the Pirates and want to watch teams like the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers, etc. Those are teams in large markets, even though some of them suck.

    The Rays got more media attention because they play in the AL East, which concerns the huge markets of Boston and New York.

    It's all business. I know it sucks to the real baseball fan, but it's how the world works. ESPN needs money too.

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    Market-size. No one outside of Pittsburgh cares about the Pirates. LA is not only the second biggest market in the US, but the Angels and Dodgers have broad appeal to the international community (both having invested heavily in recruiting from Latin America, and the Dodgers are heavily invested in Japan, Korea and China). Additionally the Dodgers have roots in New York, so that taps the market for the East Coast as well as the West Coast. To cap it off, the Dodgers have Yasiel Puig, the hottest player in MLB right now, while the Angels have Mike Trout who would be the hottest player in MLB if it wasn't for Yasiel Puig. Sports media is a star-driven business and the Pirates don't have any stars.

    As for why the Rays receive coverage? They are a small-market team that has consistently contended for the World Series while having to juggle small contracts and trade off their best players every 2-3 years. Despite it all, they are ALWAYS in contention for the playoffs. The Pirates have been baseball's worst team for the last 20 years. Don't get me wrong, I hope the Pirates win their division and make the playoffs, but until they consistently contend, they're not going to see any media love.

    Plus, as a sidenote the Dodgers are only 3.5 games out of first, and have won 8 of their last 9. It's been a miserable season, but right now, us Dodgers fans have quite a bit to cheer about.

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    The size of pittsburgh is one of the average sports markets throughout America.

    It is currently only the 25th most populated city in America.

    2.5 million viewers from that city isn't going to cut it for what ESPN wants in TV money.

    ESPN needs a lot of viewers to watch the games. A person from St. Louis or Seattle wouldn't want to watch a Pirates vs Mets game unless Pittsburgh had superstars.

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    ESPN Loves the Yankees red sox dodgers and angels. For example, when the atheltics surprised us all and won the division last year I dont think they showed them. On the other hand, mlb network shows all the teams, even the Houston astros and Miami marlins. If I were you, I would watch mlb network because they show more teams.

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    Pittsburgh is never a national draw in baseball, the Pirates have never drawn a national audience.

    ESPN is all out money, not about what the fans want.

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    I see the Dodgers on ESPN every so often. But we all know that ESPN only cares about football and basketball, and only reluctantly do they show baseball. I can say that I've seen them talk about the Pirates more than I've ever seen them talk about the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  • Los Angeles is the second-biggest town in the USA and Pittsburgh, well, they rank 62nd in that category. It's all about the money and more people make more money.

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