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what is the other term of extensive?

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    Covering or affecting a large area.

    Large in amount or scale.


    wide - large - vast - spacious - broad - ample

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    I don't know what you would mean by this term (the first, unstated term, the one that is not the other term), so not really possible to tell you what the other term might be.

    Extensive means it exists for along way or over a large area or volume, or perhaps for a long time. It just means that in some dimension or dimensions, the thing exists more than just in a localized portion. For less physical objects, extensive tends to mean "applicable in numerous circumstances".

    A law could be extensive, which is less than being comprehensive. Comprehensive would mean "includes (applies to) everything". Extensive means "includes a lot, without actually defining what is meant by a lot". But somewhere, the thing no longer applies. Just not saying exactly where, but it isn't just here, there are many other places or circumstances where the thing also exists or applies.

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