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Trouble catching catfish in creek?

Me and my friend go fishing at our near by creek. It's a large creek that definitely has fish. We have tried everything , any advice?

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    BAIT: shad sides. ace hardware. 3.99. or any cut bait. works for channel cat's like magic.

    LOCATION: near fallen tree's (in water), lily pads, weeds, and other forms of cover. near bait fish. bait fish will usually be near feeder creeks or shallow water.

    SETUP: egg sinker, swivel, leader line (18'' is a good length), 5/0 circle hook. 5/0 hooks can hook an 18 inch channel easily and 2-5 inches of cut bait. depending on if you think the cat will go for it.

    cut bait is great for channel cat, and can be caught thru out the day. flat's like live bait and caught during the night. of course you can catch flat's during the day, but night is the main time.

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    As a kid, I use to fish at a creek near my cousins house. We use large nightcrawlers & catch 3-4 pounders every 7 to 8 minutes. If you are using worms, then you should have caught some by now. If not, then maybe there isn't any catfish in that creek. Try fishing for something else.

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    The first-class manner to attract out any catfish from quilt is to place a bit of massive ole' smelly liver on. Both fowl or pork liver will do best. What you ought to do is go away the liver out within the solar with garlic or butter or each. After a number of days you'll smell the sound of probably the most excellent catfish bait. Reduce it into chunks and slab it on your hook. Good success fishin'!

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    Catfish are active at night, so try fishing at sunset or sunrise.

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