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Why doesn't NASCAR (or anyone else) keep records of which drivers are given Lucky Dog Free Passes?

NASCAR and a few others websites keep detailed records of every mundane statistic of every NASCAR race. EXCEPT FOR WHICH DRIVERS ARE GIVEN A FREE LAP EVERY CAUTION OF EVERY RACE. How can this not be statistic that is recorded? Searching the internet, I could not find a single record of this statistic. One site, Jayski, apparently kept a record of this up until 2008. Wasn't that the year that Brian France brought in Danica Patrick? Does anyone know of a site that still records the drivers that get the free pass laps? Why wouldn't NASCAR keep records of this?


@mindcrim828...So you are saying that Danica does, in fact, currently hold the record for the most free passes in a season. Can you tell me where NASCAR keeps these stats? I searched their website and was able to find every detail about each caution except who got the free pass. Jayski's website kep records of drivers awarded free passes up until 2008. I am sure all this is not a conspirary to try and make Danica look better than she really is. NASCAR would never do that. It is obviously just another coincidence like all the new rule changes that only seem to apply to her and drivers exactly like her (it there ever are any more of those). I am sorry all this makes your precious Danica look bad but, if you have a logical and reasonable explanation of why NASCAR quit recording who receives the free passes, I would love to hear it.

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    NASCAR does keep a record of it. It is listed on every official race report as part of the listing of cautions. There are a large number of statistics that many different websites collect and record beyond the normal wins, top 5s, top 10s such as laps led, loop data, average finish, average number of positions gained, # of cars passed, etc. But not all sites look at all that data, but only the important items. The free pass is not really an important statistic, other than for people who like to look for conspiracies and have way to much time on their hands to complain about the most mundane stuff.

    Also, since you are so interested in Danica, she has been the beneficiary of the free pass 5 times this season (Bristol-1, Charlotte-1, Sonoma-1, Kentucky-2). That is only one more than Kyle Busch with 4. (Phoenix-2, Richmond-2).


    You can find the official race reports on the jayski.com site. Here is the link:


    Just select the official race report for any points race, and the NASCAR report comes up. In the section for Cautions, the car # of the beneficiary is stated in brackets for each caution thrown during a race.

    Patrick does not have the most free pass received this season:

    8 - Josh Wise (35) and David Reutimann (83)

    7 - Ricky Stenhouse Jr (17)

    6 - David Regan (34)

    5 - Danica Patrick (10), Ryan Newman (39), JP Montoya (42), JJ Yeley (36)

    4 - Joe Nemechek (87), David Gilliland (38), Joey Logano (22), Austin Dillon (33), Vickers/Martin (55), Kyle Busch (18), Tony Stewart (14)

    3 drivers have 3 free passes, 13 have 2, and 7 have one

    A total of 38 teams have at least one free pass so far in 2013.

    Its not about protecting a "precious" Danica. I actually agree with comments like what Kyle Petty stated about her not really being a racer. IMO she is not aggressive enough to compete with the equipment she has, and her time for learning how to race in stock cars is nearly over. She needs to start performing in the second half of the season. She has talent, but as DW said at the start of the year, "school is over. It's time to perform." However, these stupid conspiracy theories are lame, just like all the "insert race here" going to be fixed for Dale Jr questions constantly posted.

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    Nascar Records

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    Let's just go ahead and give the answer you're looking for:

    It is clearly a conspiracy to help out Danica Patrick.

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    Well that would make Nascar's token race girl look bad.

    She is the best thing since sliced bread, we can't make her look bad now, afterall She is a future champion don't ya' know.

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  • A NASCAR-themed page similar to http://baseball-reference.com would do that for sure. LOL.

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    Troll possum is right.

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