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bad TPS cause torque converter not to lock up? plus other symptoms?

ok bought a new vehicle (2000 dodge durango, 5.9L V8, 2wd) and every now and then while driving at highway speeds i will feel a pulse, or better yet a bulk. it seems to only do this after ive been driving all day long. it feels as if someone has slightly hit me from behind. it sutters on and off erratically until i kill the car and let it chill for a while. also during idling in park i notice my rpm's jump up and down a hair, it hops back and forth from around 600 rpm to about 800 rpm. it is not hard to start, seems to be a bit slugish on shifting into 3rd gear i believe....about 30mph. also i noticed when i try to pass someone, and i REALLY step on the gas, my RPMs sky rocket and hit the rev limiter but hardly any acceleration...kind of feels as if my tranny has fell on its face, like the torque converter isnt locking up and not letting me use full power. i replaced the transmission output speed sensor and the symptoms still exist, but i began thinking it could be my TPS, whats everyone's take on this?...any helpful info will be greatly appreciated..........thanx


i happen to know that the throttle position sensor is another PCM input that affects transmission operation.Torque demand or engine load can cause downshifts and torque converter changes therefore an erratic or or higher than normal signal from this sensor might fool the PCM into seeing a part throttle acceleration or or full throttle acceleration request triggering torque converter disengagement or even a forced downshift. If an engine is not performing well causing someone to use more throttle it could be causing this condition with the accelerator because the PCM is looking at throttle position sensor for the reading and if it is faulty then the signal sent is misinterpreted and can cause issues similar to what im experiencing

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    Did you scan the PCM (Powertrain Control Module for any stored codes?

    This is the first place to start.

    Personally, I don't think you have a problem with the TPS, because this causes stalling (loses the IAC steps) and you didn't say that you had that problem, Your Idle surge is probably caused by a leaking intake plenum "Pan Gasket" this is a common issue with the 5.2L/5.9L magnum engines.

    And you transmission problem is most likely the result of a bad governor pressure Sensor/Solenoid assembly, this is a very common issue with the 44RE, A500 and the 45RFE transmissions.

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  • The tps or throttle position sensor has next to nothing to do with the converter.

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      The relationship between TPS and Torque converter:
      Pressing the throttle quickly causes the tranny to downshift. A short, or loose TPS would Cause random down shifting as the ecu misinterprets the TPS. TPS or lock up trouble code woud cause check engine.

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    you have two problems and neither have anything to do with the t.p.s. one the torque converter is on the way out. a common problem with high mileage t/c's. the other a problem internally with forward frictions time for rebuilt. find local shop at ATRA.COM for more help

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