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are antibodies in the mothers milk passive or active immunity?

passive immunity is when your injected with antibodies

active imminuty is when you make your own anitbodies

so, from the mothers milk, is that passive or active?

I think it's active because your making your own antibodies from your mother that you got.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It wold be passive immunity because the baby is not yet making its own antibodies. The antibodies are passed from the mother to the baby by the breast milk. It is not a myth at all!

    Breast milk contains many different types of antibodies, specifically high amounts of IgA. Babies that are breast fed end up having less infections than those that are bottle fed. Proteins are generally degraded by stomach acids and digestive enzymes, however antibodies that are passed on to the baby through breast milk form a protein complex and contain secretions that shield the antibodies from degradation in the stomach/digestive tract.

    Source(s): Biologist
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  • 7 years ago

    Passive - passive is receiving made antibodies - from the milk is passive .

    And pretty much a myth because the stomach destroys complex proteins.

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